Old FE2 development post thing

This topic is just about dev on remaking old map test or old FE2 btw.

Old Map Test: (Goes back to the last version of old map test)


Oh cool the game has 420 visits.

sadly map test 2018 has 67 visits. Would’ve been an epic gamer moment


This is what I mean lol.

Also there might be stolen maps in the game so please don’t hate me ok. The fan game copy contained it. It will be removed soon


Looks neat so far.

Just how it oringinal was, keep it up! :+1:


oh this
that’s cool


it really looks like the old one


Got the ui from browsing this Fe2 copy I found. It does uses Fe2 assets anyway, but I’ll not use them for bad thing anyway like bad fangames or stealing maps.

But the ui is really broken. And I don’t think i can fix it


oh i hope you can fix it

I have the copy of a file containing Fe2 assets (which was get rid of liquid obvoiusly, so I had to edit the assets because it contains fan game stuff.)

but I don’t have a copy of FE2 map test assets. which will make map testing tough to make.


ok ___

aight bm remaker here
here’s some advice to how to overcome these obstacles

fe2 2017 rem

  • In most FE2 clones, Crazy difficulty is recognized as 4. Remove all mentions of said difficulty and rework the difficulty mechanism.

  • On CL_Main_GameScript (I believe on the changeMenu() function), one line changes the ImageRectOffset of the menu icons. Change them up a bit.

  • This is most noticeable on the close buttons. Create 2 ImageLabels with the same image, change the ImageRectSize’s Y setting to half of the original image’s size on the left image and resize the UI element’s Y dimension to {0.5, 0}. On the next one, do the same but use ImageRectOffset since it has to connect with the left one and set the reposition its Y dimension to {0.5, 0}.

  • (bonus) wrong close button color

fe2 mt 2017 rem: (wait i never actually worked on an fe2 map test thingy before i am not prepared)

(warning: i am trash at naming stuff)

  • For some reason, the button (inf air) invokes a RemoteFunction (i think? prob event) to the server. There was no programming involved in the main server script. If an OnServerFunction (OnServerEvent?) line is found utilizing the intended instance, rewrite most of the function in its upper few lines. Adding a map involves the InsertService. Rewrite most of the fumction. Whitelisting is most likely kept on a Data Store. Create a table using (name of table or whatever) = {}. (KEEP THE TABLE BLANK!) Rewrite most of the function.

ok maybe i should’ve joined the project instead of writing a speech that would most likely overwhelm someone

I may be wrong. Hey, I’m not on computer. I can’t be right when it comes to these long messages.


About that. I can never find the true color of it anywhere.[quote=“R2OTR20XX, post:11, topic:29393”]
Crazy difficulty is recognized as 4

Isn’t that what number is insane supposed to be on. Well this remake already has Crazy difficulty as 5. But tried removing. I’ll probably remove everything that references it.

About the FE2 2018 Map Test Remake:
Umm, by default like what map test does. When you first join, there is always the specific map kit provided by the game, which is the right map kit you are supposed to use to make a map. Well I believe the default difficulty is set to Normal obviously. But when I leave map making kit as the only map, the lift just breaks. As it was trying to look for a easy map when it’s supposed to load up and find a normal map. Idk these scripts are confusing me. The only way I find errors is the output panel.

You can join if you want to. Its basically your choice.

I am Really looking forward on fixing the game itself and getting the maps to get remade (which will take a while obviously)

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The numbers I mentioned were relative to a number called CurDif. It is offset from the difficulty numbers used in the Difficulty value on a map’s Settings by -1. 5 was actually a custom difficulty made by someone else called “Quarrow.”

There was another uncopylocked FE2 I found while searching on Google, containing a Close button with the true color of the image. It is invisible as it was replaced with regular buttons. Also it was actually the one I used to make Retro Escape 2 back in my hayday.

fe2 map test:

the curdif at the early lines of the script is set to 0 (Easy).
also, write a few lines that automatically raises the difficulty if said difficulty contains no maps. when it reaches the cap (intended is 3, or Insane) and still contains no maps, it instead subtracts the difficulty. during the re-configuring thingy, if it finds a difficulty with a map on it, it automatically breaks and sets the CurDif value to that difficulty.

:newspaper: Update Log 10/19/2020:

Additions :heavy_plus_sign:

  • Added camera manipulation to Old Cave System Remake
  • Added After The Glorious Remake (WIP)

Fixes :hammer_and_wrench:

  • Fixed Menu Icons disappearing after being clicked
  • When beating a map, The difficulty color on the map info screen in the lobby, should now work correctly. (This fix doesnt apply when you lock the lift)
  • The lock number should work correctly (use to be when its like on 1 lock left, it load up a hard map)

Changes :wrench:

  • Changed some stretched menu buttons

Future Updates:

  • Fix the leveling system (it works, but level number above the player doesnt change at all)
  • Remove Crazy Difficulty Entirely
  • Old Shop
  • Remove Temporary maps and replace them with FE2 maps (most of them arent even done)
  • Old Camera Behavior :thinking:
  • Emotes (maybe)
  • Walk Animations

:newspaper: Update Log 10/20/2020:

Additions :heavy_plus_sign:

  • Old Shop
  • T-Pose Emote (legit the easiest emote to make)

Fixes :hammer_and_wrench:

  • Fixed most bugs.
  • Level number above player should now stay the same amount as shown on the hud.

Changes :wrench:

  • None

Also I’m gonna take a break developing this since it is taking alot of time. Also closing FE2 Map Test 2018 because it currently doesnt function at all. But it will be back open with a working whitelisting system, and how map test in 2018 should be. Will be open once it works.


Also as for the next update. Will be a major one.

Will be released once 3 easy maps (lost woods, castle tides, and Axiom) get fully remade.

Also working on the shop anyways.

Basically if I get most of the core stuff finished for the game. I can go ahead and do map test. And attempt to script the whitelisting. Crazy probably used insert service. But idk how whitelisting maps and the queue will work. Hmm. We’ll see I guess.


Basically. The game is going well but I do have some struggles. Which involves scripts.

1, when a camera is in water, the character cam offset is moved when the cam is taken out of the water. Which I cant really seem to find what is causing the problem

  1. Trying to get the game scripting to be done. So I can just work on the maps for the rest of the time.

3, Get map testing to work, which is the biggest struggle. Mostly the Testing Script that came along with the gui doesn’t seem to work like you would expect. I can’t really find an actual working FE2 copy game as most of them are broken of course. Or just messy. But map test copies, looks like I can’t find them. Basically I know inserting maps did use Insert Service which the script doesnt mention it at all. So uhh yeah.

I should probably get the scripting to be done for now.

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  1. Not sure. Modify some lines on CL_Main_GameScript.
  2. nothing lol
  3. SV_Main_GameScript does all the heavy lifting. It is likely that CL_TEST_MapTesting (prob the name?) is already finished.

Oh than I need to do nothing.

Now that is what I don’t have.

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I have them.