Old Forest (Crazy)

This is my 2nd map after storage escape and i present to u old forest hope u like it
Status: Whitelisted
ID: 4526732990 Its only for muliti not solo
Pictures:RobloxScreenShot20200107_193320950 RobloxScreenShot20200109_193212087 RobloxScreenShot20200109_193215926 RobloxScreenShot20200112_092239399 RobloxScreenShot20200112_092246921 RobloxScreenShot20200112_092253447 RobloxScreenShot20200112_092304118 RobloxScreenShot20200112_092308868 RobloxScreenShot20200112_092312403 RobloxScreenShot20200112_092316941 RobloxScreenShot20200112_092325004 RobloxScreenShot20200112_092329986

I’d suggest you add some details like
changing the color of the grass to mint
crystals on caves would be nice
bushes are the detailed things so you might want add it

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i dislike how most people use voxel nowadays
but hey i also used voxel before i knew h graphics in studio existed


This map isn’t too bad. It’s quite decent anyways
However, the lava in the first pic looks weird don’t you think? Change the material to granite, or change the transparency of the lava to 0
I cant tell if the trees are free models cuz they look similar to the ones in DSF(orest)
For the 2nd pic, idk where are the platforms and I only see the lava fall and a button

In the 3rd pic, there appears to be an impossible jump unless a platform appears when a button is pressed
The boxes are out of place tbh
The 4th pic just need some better terrain and a bit of details than it should be fine
For the 5th pic, it just need to have some wedges in the corners and try to make it more open by a bit
(I’m at school rn so uh ima continue later lol)

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Honestly, I don’t like the cylinders placement, they’re pretty weird. Example for this one.

In the cave section. The terrains look fine but some of them still weird. And at the 7th picture.


The both of lava parts in this picture haven’t the same height and it’s weird imo. If your concept was the waterfall. Just make the height between both of lava parts more different.

Some of corroded metals were not necessary. Try to change some of them to be another textures.

The trees were free models. But that is ok, try to make your own one next time.

Also please add the part under the lava at the 1st picture. It looks very weird if you make the lava transparent higher than 0 and did not have any part below it.

Overall. 3.75/10. “The map was not that bad but need improvement”

Im bad at building but its fine since i have other people like minh nam and flood escape gamer
i will try to improve it

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theres another way that is a shortcut

p/s: its a multiplayer map

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It’s been a while since we’ve seen MN3321_K — their last post was 8 months ago.



Looks rushed

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