[OLD] What's wrong with my test map?

I don’t know what’s wrong with my FE2 test map, I can’t test it in FE2 map test, can someone help me?
Link to model:

(I used F3X to edit the model)

Any help would be appreciated.

You have to message this account:https://www.roblox.com/users/260333206/profile
Give him the link of your model and wait him for adding your model to FE2 map test

if you checked the desc for the fe2 map testing game it says “The system which adds maps to the list is broken rn, you’ll have to use Test Unlisted ID until a fix is implemented”

I know, but I used Test Unlisted ID but it says this model is not trusted for this place.

if it says “this model is not trusted for this place”, this means it’s not whitelisted. you have to wait when you get a chance to get your map whitelisted.

I thought you can test the map before it’s whitelisted.

You can’t. Read @38175425 mensage’s.

There is nothing wrong with your map. You just need to whitelist your map. But it probably won’t work, since the whitelist queue is at the max, so you’ll have to wait for it to go down. If it is whitelisted, then the air tank, exit region, exit block, spawn, or first button couldn’t be found, meaning you won’t be able to play your map until you’ve re-added those parts, by creating them yourself, or unfortunately, restarting your whole map…

I hope that solved your question

No, it did not for me… My issue is that it just says ‘Couldn’t find any compatible maps!’ and gives me no information whatsoever. Every time i try to search what the problem was, all i got was youtube videos of people playing through “Error”… Send Help Soon

It’s either something was missing in the model or they were in geometry folder

i got it fixed

10 months ago. You were too late.

why is this model even in my inventory i dont remember taking it

Expect me to not know that?

Also thanks for bringing up this almost 2-year old post.

Revive >;)

Yeah my map says it is not compatible, and I can’t check my geometry folder rn :confused:

How did you fix it? Same thing happened to me…