OST Audio Pack!

Are you tired of looking over and over to try and find a good BGM with no success! Well, this new OST Audio Pack can help! It includes almost every OST from Flood Escape 2 and even includes BGMs from FE2MT Maps! Here’s the script you read labeled, “Read Me!”

    -- Hey! It's me JiroAzurai. I managed to get almost all of the Map OSTs, even some old OSTs! In the version you have, some might be missing. Enjoy using these!
-- Just remember that I update this every once in a while and updates aren't frequent.
-- The maps appear on this list in Alphabetical Order. Missing soundtracks get added when I find them and new soundtracks are put in this once a new map comes out!

-- Maps Permanentely Incuded in Game
-- Abandoned Facility by Crazyblox
-- Autumn Bridge by Phexonia
-- Axiom by Bouyantair
-- Beneath the Ruins by Crazyblox
-- Blue Moon by Disney12
-- Buried Oasis by Tony333444
-- Castle Tides by Jolluminati
-- Cave System by Crazyblox
-- Club Quarry by DominoContributing
-- Construction Thrill by ThaDogeTho
-- Crystal Caverns by FloodEscaper1
-- Dark Sci-Facility by Crazyblox
-- Dark Sci-Forest by Crazyblox
-- Decrepit Seas by Rareheaddress
-- Eternal Clockwork by Tiedgamer
-- Fallen by Crazyblox
-- Familiar Ruins by Crazyblox
-- Flood Island by Crazyblox
-- Forsaken Era by ElectroBlast199
-- Gloomy Manor by Rareheaddress
-- Graveyard Cliffside by Crazyblox
-- Infiltration by Crazyblox
-- Jungle Inferno by Disney12
-- Kozui Peak by ElectroBlast199
-- Lagoon by Skylethos
-- Lava Tower by Crazyblox
-- Lost Desert by Rareheaddress
-- Lost Woods by YasuYoshida
-- Magmatic Mines by Shortroundzach
-- Marred Dreams by Crazyblox
-- Mesosphere by LimeVendetta
-- Mysterium by ElectroBlast199
-- Nemesis by ElectroBlast199
-- Oriental Grove by Awesom3_Eric
-- Poisonous Chasm by Shortroundzach
-- Poisonous Valley by GustForce
-- Relic Valley by 1xBlindx1
-- Scream Castle by Disney12
-- Sedimentary Temple by Jindijim
-- Sinking Ship by Crazyblox
-- Sky Sanctuary by Rareheaddress
-- Snowy Peaks by Rareheaddress
-- Sunken Citadel by AnimalGamerTest
-- Wild Savannah by Rareheaddress

-- Other Soundtracks that are Temporary, Permanent, or Removed from the Game Entirely (The first two are the map creators)
-- Autumn Hideaway by Nanny
-- Northern Workshop by Disney12
-- Christmas Lobby
-- FE2 Community Maps
-- Intermission
-- Lift
-- Lobby
-- Map Making Kit
-- Pro Servers
-- Secret Area
-- Title Screen

Note: I will not be updating the list of BGMs from Maps from FE2MT on the forums, and I will only update it on the model. So, please be aware that I am not going to update this post if you ask/tell me to, either by reply or PM.


There should be a section called “overused songs”.


good job jiro

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This is really good (and I find this interesting because I’m a composer)

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oMg mAkE mUsIC 4 mE pLs!!!
(jk I’m also a composer but a bad one xD)


“Lost Woods by rareheaddress”
Thats not right cheif.


Wow just wow

How did you find the music names ?

That’s very cool.

true lol
it’s made by YasuYoshida as far as i know

But how do you know the names of the songs if you just name the maps? (Or am I just dumb?)

It’s really such a shame people have to change overtime… I kinda miss 2019 forums.

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New version today. No more community map OSTs and added ones for Lobby, Secret Area, Marred Dreams, and Fallen

really glad this is still going on even one year later, yesterday there wasn’t poisonous chasm ost and now there it is!!! thanks for your hard works in this jiro.

deserve to be revived/bump


Thank you! And yes, new OSTs have been added. Poisonous Chasm and Autumn Hideaway’s soundtracks have arrived. There is now a folder for soundtracks that are/were temporary and aren’t used anymore, or they are used for a different reason.

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Hey everyone! A new update today regarding OSTs within the game. I got a hold of the soundtracks for Buried Oasis, the new Title Screen, Construction Thrill, and the Christmas Lobby.

I believe every single one is now in the game for right now so please be aware that more soundtracks are coming in the future! Bye for now.

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oh ok. I might use one of them in my future maps.


Hooray, even more soundtracks! I recently updated Buried Oasis and Sunken Citadel’s soundtracks and added the following soundtracks:
Magmatic Mines
Jungle Inferno
Forsaken Era
Eternal Clockwork
Autumn Bridge
Relic Valley
Scream Castle
Club Quarry
aaaaand Kozui Peak!

These additions are based on all of the maps Billie/rbill13 is guessing will be added to FE2 in the future! Some of the added soundtracks will be removed upon confirmation on whether or not they will be added to the real game. Enjoy this new update!

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was waiting for this LETS GOOOOOOO


who the hell even said relic, scream, kozui, jungle and mesosphere are even getting into the game!?!?!?!?!?!