Overfreezing Climates (not final product, wip)

ID: may not reveal until it gets finished.
Bgm: Kubbi - The See-Through Zone (idk if that fits tho)
Creators: me

A small village going through a period of heavy snowfall. Severely cold water is going to start rising slowly, so don’t stay here for long!

Nothing much, probably the most generic winter map.


(They will be updated but don’t expect them to be instantly changed.)

Wip map. May release ID sooner, but that may only happen once.
It will be fully released when it gets finished.

cryogenic blizzard low budget :joy_cat:


looks fine I guess

Looks good

I kinda dislike how the truss is on the 3rd picture.

yeah, i am not a huge fan of it either

lol!1! :joy_cat:

god i wanna change the map layout of this so much

Are you an irla stas?

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no wdym

I am gonna most likely revamp the layout, the past one is way too huge.

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No, but I am remaking the layout once a map revamp gets released

Nice! Even the most simplest and smallest details can make an huge impact. 1+ vote!

Also if you guys are asking “Is this map discontinued??”, well no. It isn’t. The reason I haven’t been in touch with this map is because I am working on another map which I want to release. And I am most likely gonna keep the layout shown in the pictures, but make it not too open since the height of the outside terrain is something I am not too proud of.


This is discontinued. Also eh I won’t finish this because my motivation is pretty scarce.

I actually forgot u were Irla when u posted this

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Ok Irla_stas

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@Irla What happened to this!!!

Oh wait I am blind