Overgrown Debris (continued)

Status: Waiting for suggestions/ wip
Forgotten in the mists of time, this monument was abandoned, and forgotten. With overgrown plants covering it immensely.
After the lava sunk down, the travelers of Familiar Ruins saw a escape route through a door, which was impossible to open before. When they went through the door, they saw the Overgrown Debris. Now our travelers must find a way through the Overgrown Debris.
Custom OST made by the world’s nicest guy : P0cus
This map was oringinaly created by aspa102. I asked her if i can continue and she agreed so i continue it? i guess

still waiting for suggestions and work in progress
update: nature takes over…

rocks in cave

Final Update ( i think)


i hav updated the map a little bit

Can you add some plants covering stuff? Like vines and flowers and… Well most of that stuff. That’s to make it look really old and “Overgrown”.

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ok i’ll add some plants
wow vines… great idea!

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done i added the model n also can u check my other map in my inventory? its called technology (bad name ik)

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The water is glitched and may you look at the latest?

I can’t play d computer until Friday cuz I have mid-term exams like the creators of chrominus lab…

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Gonna review the next update tmmrow

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Cool map but I think it doesn’t fit with FE2

wat do u mean doesn’t fit with FE2???

All the blocks looks pretty square daoaocfpbapbsud also are those pillars free models…? also I see a hole in fifth picture, anyways gl? "D

nah there r not
(unless some tried to copy…)
I think dat hole is patched
forgot 2 update da pic tho
(and some stuff)


Revive for a reason :slight_smile:

Doesn’t look overgrown

Hey shut >:(.

Overgrown Temmie

You don’t need to put Undertale everywhere you go-



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Why am I getting Dense Forest vibes lol

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meanwhile in an alternate universe where bushes are made out of blocks

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ran out of ideas on what to add for the platforms lol