☜︎🕆︎🏱☟︎⚐︎☼︎:raised_hand:︎:v:︎ 🕈︎:raised_hand:︎:frowning:︎:frowning:︎ :ok_hand:︎☜︎ :v::point_up:︎☼︎☜︎:v:︎:snowflake:︎ :bomb:︎:v:︎🏱:pencil2:︎:pencil2:︎
:raised_hand::+1:︎🕆︎☼︎☼︎☜︎:skull_and_crossbones:︎:snowflake:︎:frowning:︎:star_of_david:︎ :droplet:︎:snowflake:︎:v:︎☼︎:snowflake:︎☜︎:-1:︎ :-1:︎☜︎✞︎☜︎:frowning:︎⚐︎🏱:raised_hand:︎:skull_and_crossbones:︎:point_up:︎ :raised_hand:︎:snowflake:︎:pencil2:︎
☟︎⚐︎🏱☜︎ :star_of_david:︎:v:︎:frowning:︎:frowning:︎ 🕈︎:raised_hand:︎:frowning:︎:frowning:︎ :frowning:︎⚐︎✞︎☜︎ :raised_hand:︎:snowflake:︎:mailbox_with_mail:︎

Good luck. describing this lol

this is me trying to beat digitilization


I don’t speak Arabic

Not funny, thats something called Wind dings, if you live under a rock


this is wingdings right

When did I say it was

man deadmau5 has the best music

tell me in dms
I gotta wear a mouthshield or wotever is called
I got rugby training soon,
useless but ok

aJajajajajJaJaJa funny haha me laugh.

Now thats cringe

I do live under a rock don’t make fun of my home

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the fact I HAVE to go abnd can barely walk is ughhhh

Omg this is so off topic

what does it even mean anyway

Well maybe this post is off-topic

And people still comments :clown_face:

So? We have the right to :clown_face:

I saw it in the other post