Pandora's Cluster: Development 🚀

Hello. You may have noticed I haven’t made any map since July 2019. That may soon change, you may think I’m not working or anything but the fact is, I’m constantly doing maps, tho I’m pretty slow at progress too.


The development team consists of both me (Overminted), @Phexonia and @Irla. It started in January 2020 when I asked Phexonia if we could make a map together and he agreed. After thinking about what map to do, I thought of Pandora’s Cluster. Pandora’s Cluster was one of the ideas Irla/ mat had during August 2019 but it never worked out, and I thought we might as well return the map back and fully remake it.

This is what it looks like right now: (40% done: all you see aren’t fully decorated and highly WIP)

I am planning to remake the second room (2nd picture of the map). The layout is 60% done, and will have decorations. This is aimed to be our greatest project yet, and will have huge scripting. Problem is, we don’t have a scripter yet and none of us are experienced. If you wish to apply, you are more than welcome, but we only accept someone who can do pretty advanced effects.

The map is based on a planetary based in a pre-catastrophic asteroid collision. The entire planet is about to get hit by an asteroid, and you need to enter the base to send a signal for help, and at the end, a spaceshiparrives and gets you inside, sheltering you and transporting you somewhere safe.

The bgm is still undecided. The search is still going.

The difficulty is launched to be an Easy, meaning that there will be huge nerfs to maintain the difficulty. Lenght is approximately aimed at the mark of 1:30 minutes.

Overall, the map is about 30-40% done. You are more than welcome to give suggestions. We are using compability for now and will focus on ShadowMap compatibility when we get at least 80% of the map done.

Thanks for reading.


Looks good so far. The wall texture looks pretty weird and seems as if you and Irla did most of the work tbh.

But so far, it’s nice.

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This isn’t good. THIS IS EPIC.

Why I don’t get invited for Collabs? :(



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Forgot the “S” in final.

try to darken the facility room a bit
the outside isnt as bright as the inside so i suggest you darkening the place

The coolness.

The epicness.

The amazingness.

Pure awesome.


DANG DUDE! man wish i could join this.


sorry, but we arent accepting builders atm or anything. tho we need a good scripter that knows good effects since this would be useful for this map

also thanks

This is more easier than script water to rise lol

But no, I not gonna help with that, due the laizyness (I think I write correct) and this is so ez lol

What types of effects are you looking for?

im thinking of something like the extra surfacegui texts like you added in auburn, a spaceship at the end arriving, sucking the players up when everyone arrives to the spot theyre supposed to go, and they reach the exitregion inside the spaceship. theres more to that, im still rethinking the scripting choices and where would they occur

Very good map for WIP.

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Yeah I can do that.

TweenService movement, that’s also something I can do.

Might need to look into that. Also is it like the end of TRIA:R where you float up to the credits room?

yea but it sucks the players into a spaceship

area #2 development

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feels a bit unusual but that is nice

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Wow ur builds are awesome :no_mouth:

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Btw the emoji is for me never attempting to build a single map when u r making so many epic builds I think I cant do with a 5 year practice

“practise makes perfect”