Pandora's Cluster 🪐

Logo by Phexonia :rocket:

Status: Completed, free for suggestions


:arrow_right: Difficulty: Normal
:arrow_right: BGM: UNFOLD - Nightflying
:arrow_right: ID: 4288451476
:arrow_right: Creators: Vertices Co: The Retriangulation:

  • Irla_stas (Decorating, Particles, Sounds)
  • MNT_Onivirialis (Main layout and gameplay, Decoration)
  • Phexonia (Decorating, Folder and Part Optimisation, Scripting, Lighting Optimisations)

:arrow_right: Part Count: 7.229, can be reduced in the future
:arrow_right: Time of Completion: 1:35 - 1:45
:arrow_right: Date of Release: 22nd of June, 2020

I will begin with a very huge thank you to both @Phexonia and @Irla for being generous enough and help in this collabration, and thanks to you guys who have supported the map or waited for this to release one day. After a few date delays, we are proud to say this project is released. We are still very open to suggestions, so if you have any, don’t hesitate to pop them down .

A fantasy planet covered in pink, blue and violet with a space station inhabited inside the fictional plains, in huge risk of being flooded with water.

You are an astronaut sent to the Pandorian Space Station. The station is in huge risk of being flooded in the impact of an upcoming meteor, and you need to alert a local space evacuation brigade. You need to infiltrate the building, find Floor II; Board Room (the room where all the messages are sent and the planet is being monitored) and send help.


  • The map might be laggy, meaning the map might be more suitable for higher spec computers. We have added a Low Detail Mode folder which should hopefully ease the lag. We’ll try to reduce the part count further if possible. There is a possibility the map won’t load sometimes. Be patient.

  • The map is quite long, be fast. There can be a chance of getting max timed out.

  • If you are recording the map, you are allowed to use any of those 2 for your thumbnails!

Area 1: The outside area you spawn in.

Area 2: The entrance to the facility

Area 3: Small core room

Area 4: The Tower

Area 5

Area 6: Floor II. Contains the Board Room (TIP: do not retreat from the board room by door. The door seals up after you press the button. A ladder will appear in the vent, use the vent)

Area 7: Small Lobby

Area 8: A long hallway

Area 9: A small room that opens the exit

Area 10: The evacuation ship sent by the brigade (EXIT REGION)

The overall outside view:

This map took us a long while (Roughly the 23-24th of April till the 22nd of June 2020) to finish. We are proud of this map and we hope you can enjoy this as well. This is the first map topic I’ve made since around 11 months ago (almost a year).

Hope you enjoy. :smiley:

This was fun to work on (and quite stressful at times but still), amazed how this turned out!


dude how


First vote!


my man this is incredible

amazing job i absolutely love this map


holy wow


Thanks for inviting me here in this team! It was really a pleasure to work with all of you. Although, it’s really fun to collaborate with Pandora’s Cluster and I really enjoyed continuing on the concept for the map. It was a great time to have motivation, and hopefully one day, I get to continue more by making a map in the future with our collaboration with you both. :hugs: :heart:

Cheers for the release of Pandora’s Cluster! :tada:




i completed it lol


one of the best maps i’ve played in a while.

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thanks La man

no Probulms

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If the difficulty was an insane or crazy, I probably won’t play it but since it’s a normal, hecc yeah!

This map looks cool and fantastic, I love the small easter eggs like the ‘newspapers’. Space maps are getting better and better nowadays! (better than Blue Moon imo)

also TwistedPandora needs to see this because it has his name


playing this map with phex and mint, pretty fun i gotta say (don’t ask how i got closer beside them 2)


those hoodie pockets are small lol


solo verifications before it got released to the public

can’t sadly do anything about that lol

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Add some arrows at Area 5 by the way, because I did initially get confused when I went through the first time.


hmm, thats strange. the platform where you get the button should fall. ill look into that

haha y i k e s

also thanks for the compliment mAn!

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