Paranoid Tower REMASTERED

remember this one? it finally got finished and it is finally playable.


Finished, whitelisted.


938 (what to you want from the first map i ever created lol?)


Anac4nda aka. DressPress & InnocentWasHere aka. DystopianGamerFE2 (quit)


There is only two buttons.


Difficulty is impossible crazy, i mean, parkour is very easy but you need to go AS FAST AS YOU CAN. First victor - Zectsters (he is tester)


This one was so hard to build, it was just an obby game lol, this picture is proof FIRST VERSION OF PARANOID TOWER

Then, InnocentWasHere has joined and lazily helped me (he literally scripted the map almost a month lol)

I finished this map two months ago, but now, i am present to you Paranoid Tower REMASTERED, which means there is less neon, improved gameplay and there is no texture abusing!

First part of the map

This is an abandoned tower which you have to escape.

Second and last part of the map

Hey, you are OUTSIDE! But it is not the end…

yes, the end looks like a sh-

And there we go! You beat the map.

ID: 4062618478


There are no videos yet :frowning_face: it will be a pleasure if you will record my map!

Thank you!

Not bad for a first map
It’s just the texture overuse

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those square textures made me feel paranoid. Atleast, it’s not bad for the first map

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Nice job; vota

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not bad, but please screenshot from roblox and dont abuse textures.

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lol ok, that was a dystopian suggestion to make textures walls! gonna update a map and will try to script myself + screenshots soon tho

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try using traxex’s tutorial. it could work

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as it will be in saturday, here is some pics of beta version lol

  1. yes, there was a teleportator to outside, but i removed it as crazys new update.
  2. yes, there was a free model “good job” star.
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about elsa, she was removed from the map, but i will revive her in the outside parkour lol

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note: i will add exit room because i have something in my head so hard. this will be most detalied room i think

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Paranoid Tower big update has been started rn! :slightly_smiling_face:

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If you have eagle eyes, you can actually see that this dude didnt screenshot but he used his phone to rake pictures of his map lmaooooo



eeee cool i voted

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To take lol i succ at typing

yes you right xd

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well, there is many progress there!
Update 3.1 (no pics)

  1. Updated walls and tower. Now there is less textures.
  2. Changed 90% of parkour in tower section.
  3. Updated outside area. Now there is some decors.
  4. Made exit-room.

Next Update: 3.2 will be adding scripts and it will be done.

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and i oop

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hi revive

you can finally play it

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