Paranoid Tower

almost done. need to script.
this is my very first map. Theme: an underground tower facility that will make You to the outside hills. At August 2019, I was planning to make this map just an obby game lol. Thanks for Dystopian, but using a good moment: where will You script it lol? After this map, I have my biggest idea that I want to born lol

Not bad for a first map
It’s just the texture overuse

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those square textures made me feel paranoid. Atleast, it’s not bad for the first map

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Nice job; vota

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not bad, but please screenshot from roblox and dont abuse textures.

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lol ok, that was a dystopian suggestion to make textures walls! gonna update a map and will try to script myself + screenshots soon tho

try using traxex’s tutorial. it could work

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as it will be in saturday, here is some pics of beta version lol

  1. yes, there was a teleportator to outside, but i removed it as crazys new update.
  2. yes, there was a free model “good job” star.



about elsa, she was removed from the map, but i will revive her in the outside parkour lol

note: i will add exit room because i have something in my head so hard. this will be most detalied room i think

Paranoid Tower big update has been started rn! :slightly_smiling_face:

If you have eagle eyes, you can actually see that this dude didnt screenshot but he used his phone to rake pictures of his map lmaooooo

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eeee cool i voted

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To take lol i succ at typing

yes you right xd

well, there is many progress there!
Update 3.1 (no pics)

  1. Updated walls and tower. Now there is less textures.
  2. Changed 90% of parkour in tower section.
  3. Updated outside area. Now there is some decors.
  4. Made exit-room.

Next Update: 3.2 will be adding scripts and it will be done.