(Paused development don't need feedback right now) Restarted development on my first map and I need some feedback!

It’s going well but I need some feedback please! What should I add now or what should I improve on?


Here are my reviews on the build:-
1.The structure, terrain style looks good, but try to work on the color scheme and 2.lighting.
3.The tree looks amazing by structure, but again bark is of lighter color which makes it weird.
4.The pipes need details.
5.Boxes need improvements.
6.The truss needs some details, or else make a nice ladder.
7.Add rocks, bushes, tall grass, stony paths, etc.


Thanks for the feedback :+1: You’re the first one here!

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I absolutely loathe the water colour, doesn’t even fit and just stands out really odd. Try making the water colour light purple instead of magenta.
Also I like the rest, try maybe tuning up graphics and adding an own ambience?
Try tuning up EvniornmentalSpecular and Diffuse scale in Lighting


it looks very good so far,it looks a lot better then my first map.

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I beg to differ on this one. Trusses have enough of a design alone, the most you should ever go (unless you’re going insane on details) is a part inside the truss so it’s not hollow and around the truss if it’s on a wall.

(Red is the truss, pink is the part inside, orange is the surrounding part)

Of course, ladders usually are nicer, so I would recommend going with that here. A few other things I want to note:

  • You’ve got a lot of colours here. There’s pastel green crates, buttermilk-ish slate and wood, blue grass and leaves, purple water, orange wood, grey pipes and a darker grey truss. Try keeping your colour scheme a tad more consistent. The two colours of slate can differ, since they could be different kinds of stone, but there seems to be only one kind of wood, so the plank and tree trunk should be the same colour, I’d recommend brown or dirt brown. The colours should also mix together well. The blues and purples go together pretty well (though the purple might need a bit of tweaking), but the colour of both the woods aren’t mixing with their surroundings. I gave a few recommendations before, try those out and see what ya think.

  • For something that isn’t a paragraph long, the pipes could use a touch more detail to them. You don’t want to overdo it, the wall behind it is very simple, so it should be kept consistent. A section or two of glass, allowing us to see what’s in the pipe, would be a great option.

  • The platforms on the wall don’t seem like they should be there. Try adding a mount like you did with the pipes.

  • The terrain should be kept consistent too. The front piece looks natural, but the back piece is just two parts - one for grass and one for slate. Here’s an idea of what you could do to fix it (ft. horrible art skills):
    Terrain can make or break a map, so it’s important you get it right.

Good luck with the map, can’t wait to see the end result!


Thanks for all of the suggestions :+1:

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