Perilous Springs 🌳

Status: Complete, Gathering Support
ID: 2923463368
BGM: Waterflame - Race Around the Galaxy
Difficulty: Hard

Completion Time Solo: 1:22-1:30
Buttons: 8 (3 of them group buttons)
Parts: 2635

This is my very first map that I started way back in January 2019, and I’ve been steadily updating it to make it better and better until it is what it is today. The theme is probably a bit generic but it is my first map. The map takes place in the future in a futuristic forest spring, with waterfalls, a cave, and futuristic structures around some of the areas.

It is the year 2053, and you have landed in a strange place. It seems to be in some forest springs. Futuristic structures appear here, as you are hit with a thought that this might be a natural, but artificial place. The relaxing environment makes you want to vacation here for a while. Your thoughts wander about how beautiful this place looks, before you snap yourself together, and you realize the area has been hit with a major flood problem. You must escape before the acidic water drowns you.



  • Nerfed water/acid/lava
  • Nerfed a platform
  • Added DelayBGM (music starts when you start moving)
  • Moved last button a little bit
  • Made the walls brighter
  • Materials and colors changed in cave area


Spawn area:

Near the cave:


Near the cliff:

Waterfall from below:

Waterfall from above:

Bird’s eye view (outdated):





I will do my review, but, later

this map looks way better on shadowmap

  • nice map.

TimmyNotDesignus reviow :D

Difficulty: 10/10

So, this map fits well with difficulty, have some hard jumps, but, they fit well with difficulty

Details: 9/10

Now, the details, like, the lighting you did in the map, is AWESOME, but, I see in cavern part, the neon are too bright, maybe you should pick other color (like a blue but without too bright).

Also, you should put some fog to your first map.

Gameplay: 8/10

So, the gameplay (like I said in difficulty), fits well, but, it is very confusing, maybe put some arrows

Overall 10/10

this map looks fine, but maybe make the concrete walls slate? (not the facility ones)

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that’s a wave outbreak/flood escape 3 map

Damn this map is amazing

Awesome Map :smiley:

Nice and cool map,have beautiful appearance and lighting.also can make a story, Prefect.

Oh i remember this map!
I played it in a fan game.

its good its just if you make a mistake you die which is really annoying since i tryed to record this and couldnt.

i’m sure i recorded this in like january
i can’t find the video


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The map is good but needs to be improved.

Stuff that needs to be added/improved:

    1. Make the outside areas’ walls Slate instead of Concrete, it will make it look more natural + change the color of the outside areas’ walls to like Pine Cone or Dark brown or something.

    1. Improve the trees, as right now they don’t look really appealing to me. I suggest watching some tutorials on YouTube will help you make a better tree.

    1. Make the cave area’s neon not too bright because right now it looks too bright for me.

I didn’t play the map yet though, so as of right now I can’t rate the gameplay, but my verdict about details: 7/10

The map is good so please make it even better by improving it! Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

this take place two years before nennai is unbanned

But yeah this map looks nice for a first map! I would say it’s impressive for a first map :+1:

I made the cave a bit darker, mayybe gonna change the walls from concrete to slate. The trees here are designed to be simpler, and I think they’re fine as they are. (some of them are probably too big)

How confusing is the gameplay?

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also would suggest making the toothpaste neon have different shades of blue like electric blue or steel blue (the best colour), same goes to the cave or even try using other colours

omg this map is awesome! 10/10

i will do vid hen i learn how to