Pixelated World [Hard]

Hello!, this is RealALFCreeper.
Of course, people already knew that i often make facility themed maps such as Blast Furnace: BREAKDOWN or Base Meltdown Revamp. SO i thought: Why shouldn’t i make a nature themed map? So yeah, i made a nature themed map, though there is still a facility part :PPP
A few days later, i found a music that is 8-Bit themed from Waterflame, and i thought again: How about a pixelated nature themed map?
So yeah, this is the map that i was talking about.

Status: Finished

Description of Map
Map name: Pixelated World (i have no idea for the name lmao)
Difficulty: Hard
Duration: 1:40 - 1:50
Creator: RealALFCreeper (obviously lol)
Music: Waterflame - BattleTown
Parts: 5278
ID: 3709172937
Note: The map is kinda laggy so you can rethink before playing.

Pictures of the map:


I like the details of it, even when it’s pretty blocky (though it’s meant to be blocky).

Minecraft flashbacks anybody


Looks pretty good

cool, but, why did you just have to put random pictures of minecraft and put it into a topic as a map creation :thinking:

Gives me terraria vibes uwo
Also RealALFCreeper isn’t RealALFCreeper without making a facility area in a nature themed map!

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Understanding that this map is meant to be blocky, it looks pretty nice. Not gonna lie, I really do like it. It’s actually really nice looking. Gameplay appears to be pretty average and stuff. It’s good enough for me.

[Statement will be listed here when I test it]

I really like this! It is blocky thorughout which I guess is the theme so this is actually a map i am in love with! if you want to shrink your stud length though, i doubt but, in rblx studio go to model tab in the top, under model tab is collisions, go left of it and see 2 boxes which can insert text put whatever number in for your rotation and stud limits, just a tip dont need to use, thx for making this map though i really like this!

This is a really, amazing map I have ever played! :open_mouth:
Pixelated World is a really fun challenging map, and the map theme really fits!
The gameplay was really exciting, the details, assets and the designs were so splendid!
I like the part of the lava texture, because it looks really fitting as being pixelated!
The music really fits the gameplay, and I like it!

You deserve a great vote for your map. Keep up the amazing job! :+1:


So the map goes from epic Minecraft cave to neon spam



bruh :smiley:

Minecraft world

Reminds me of Minecraft. Well, the cave. The ‘facility’ section looks like Pixelated Facility imo.


The cave and the outside part looks amazing
But the facility is kinda bad

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the blockiness looks meh but i understand the theme is blocky so : /
but cool! the facility is like pixelated facility but better use of details

however one advice: maybe cut down the use of neon a bit or make it thinner

The facility part reminds me of pixelated facility
Very good map, even if it uses mostly blocks but yeh thats the map’s theme
crazy add this

I sense a trend is gonna start soon…

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catches a error
you know what this means

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I clearly know how to use it, you can see that this isnt my first map. I was meant to be blocky, so it can be pixelated-like

Fixed it