Plains of Flood-possible

I don’t care how the name sounds, to be honest. But yes, I did finish this map and revamp it many times.
It used to be in a different ID, but it will soon be in this ID!


  • BGM - Whatever the OST for Base Meltdown is.
  • ID - 4veuho1
  • Status - Whitelisted
  • Part Count (Including essentials and meshes and all that) - 227
  • Time (seen in old ID which has not been changed) - Around 1:45 and 1:55. Max time is 3:00.

Room 1

Button 1

Room 2

Room 2(again)

Swimming Section

Swimming Section P.2.

Room 3

Room 3 P.2. (Exit seen)

2nd Path in Room 3

Could use more decor, more realistic terrain since it doesn’t look natural imo.

also lighting could use more work

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I don’t know how I should feel about this map…

“Plains of Flood-possible”

Possible? Does that mean it’s rlly hard

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the flood is possible

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More detail, thin paths bad


where do you see that

Good job on your first map, this is a really good beginner map :+1:
What I would do is make the gameplay more open in some spots. The last picture has this really thin pathway and I would replace it with more open gameplay instead of trying to slide in at the beginning and just walking sideways down for five seconds.
Some trees would also be good. It doesn’t have to be too fancy, it’s good for filling in that empty space in some parts of the map.
Overall this looks pretty good, the zipline at the end is quite creative! Practice making different models to use as decoration, then focus on using wedges for more natural terrain.

But not certain

2nd path in room 3