Planning to do a Map Revoow 👏


it’s another topic

Alright so I wanna do a map review and stuff. Mostly because I’m bored, but mainly because I say, “10/10” or “epic.”

I’m not giving actual criticism. I want people to improve their skills. So that’s why I’m doing this.

This is the basic layout:

# Map Revoow :clap:

Opening text lol



My overall rating: -/10


Additional Comments

Also here’s some extra things you need to know…

  • If a map has a rating under 7.5, I expect it to get updates. If it does get updated, then I’ll change my rating.

  • Please @ me if you want a review.

  • I’ll give my first impression on the map, then I do a review. I might take some extra time to think about it. This will start October 6th.

  • For Crazy maps, I will say how hard it was with arrow keys. I do this since I use arrow keys and I also want to give my perspective as an arrow keys player. I do use a little bit of WASD (I only use that for driving cars in Roblox).

Down below is copy and pasted garbage from the old post (which was a mess). It's still important you see this though (if the following apply to you). I plan to improve this and add more details and stuff so yea. Okay click for some copy and paste.


So buffs. I’m not gonna review a buff because mostly because of one reason. That is there is so many of them to the point where it’s like: why? Most of the them are clearly the same. Others well try to be executed correctly. I’ll know like almost all the reactions when a buff is seen. It’s getting old. But luckily there hasn’t been many buffs since then so I don’t need to worry at all.

Challenge Maps:

Maps that are basically meant to be hard. I will review a challenge map but the difference is that I’m not gonna give a rating. I’ll just review the details, the gameplay, etc. But I’m not going to give a rating. Since most challenge maps will probably consist of super small and hard jumps that Crazy probably won’t accept. So yea. I might add more details to this but I’m lazy so no.

WIP Maps:

A WIP (work in progress) map is a map thats unfinished. I’ll give my thoughts on it so far, but then when it’s finished, I’ll give a full review. It’s like challenge maps (sort of).

Joke Maps:

Joke maps. A map meant for a good meme. Speaking of memes, let’s see how many memes I can include in this section of this post -inserts meme counter-. Joke maps are obviously the best detailed masterpieces. They are hard as Boon Moon and stuff. I can’t really make a review considering it’s not meant to get in and that’s it’s usually piles of blocks set down by Cleetus. I know that Thanos is going come to my house and snap me, but still. Oh and to top it off, let’s add one last meme to the meme counter.

This equates to five v buk. And 5 v bux in meme equate to 500 meme.

That’s it folks. Remember, just @ me if you want a review. Anyways this dawg is out.

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@Vis review Collapsed Base id: 2945955993

pls revive lol

@Vis REVIEW AMETHYST BASE id : 2893839839

(srry if it might be smol)

Replying just so I can revive (again).

@Vis Rocky Rails:Rocky Rails [MAP]
Topaz Factory: Topaz Factory [MAP] (New pics)

@Vis review @Overminted’ s Disoriented Storage

[email protected]

Okay fine ill do review ree

waaaaaaaaaa no pls

k fine then

srry mac

@Irla if u want to ping me to make void rev my map then void rev his map lmao

forget topaz factory, its wip and pics arent updated xd

AHHHH I need more maps to review to torture-

I mean not get bored xd.

i was gonna say amethyst base but then i forgot you did one for that map
end me

crystal grove lol

a few maps to review but not mine

pickles on the seafloor
glacier blizzard (aka masterpiece)
jungle marsh

and a chair

Sagittarius by VitaC (aka @Beet on the forums)

Okay I would be quoting myself right now but since I’m a MOBILE IDIOT, I need to do this:

Updated the post, reread the part with Freddy Fazbear lol.

review my wip trash map

@Vis review Sonoran Citadel by CactusBlast yeet