Platinum Tank (Revamped!)


  • It is a tank for Sunstopia’s military. It is also for spaceship explosion and lost in the space emergency. The tank is made out of a strong metal and hard to rust so it is safe for using it in space and a deep ocean.

About the tank

  • Category: Tank
  • Price: 100 Coins
  • Parts: 32 Parts (Including 4 meshes and 2 unions)

Tank view

With rig

very classic

looks pretty cool

oh my god

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why is everythinf from sunstopia. get a little bit more original.

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Why don’t you just understand this? You just keep saying this is copied from a map? Cant you just think what “original” is?

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I’m not saying that this is copied from a map. I’m just saying it’s not very creative if you only make 1 type of tank, which all look the same. You should try some other designs too.

This isn’t a same type of tank because the design is different and the style is different, too.


And also I make it looks like this because it should be an air tank and I cant make kind of different things.

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hello there fellow user! seem like you’re swearing right there buddy, what about being nicer?

that’s just criticism, it doesnt affect your entire life. just because your favorite builder’s creation got criticism doesnt mean you gotta swear, and being rude to them. if they reached their limit, they can do suicide at anytime! doesnt want drama happening? consider this done, no talking about it anymore.


looks cool!

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Yo swear somewhere else.


guys it’s just a tank
there’s already a metal tank so i don’t think this is gonna be accepted lol

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I still need a name lol

this is why i dm tea rather frequently



no matter how much you are trying to swear to defend others, you should do it elsewhere

Drama in a nutshell.

name ideas:

  • platinum tank
  • silverstone tank
  • electonk