Poisonous Chasm Restaurant

Welcome to the restaurant, where all of our food is poisoned
How would you like to be poisoned today?


One strychnine alkaloid please

purple goo

give me

i’d like a number nine, a number nine large, soda 3 thousand chasm fries, 8 poison macs, 59 cookies, PoChicken, 400000000 pc Picken Nuggies, egg yolks, and 4 hot chocolate

Ok i give to you now


Okay! i give

I give it to you now

minecraft let’s play

I would like to order the Haber process for making ammonia: 450 degrees celcius, 250 atm pressure, iron catalyst, 1 volume of nitrogen and 3 volumes of hydrogen.

First off, the temperature has been carefully selected so that my stomach can get the most amount of ammonia at the lowest cost. Increasing pressure would yield more ammonia, but it is more costly to maintain high pressure equipment.

The temperature affects how fast and how much ammonia is produced. Generally, lower temperature results in more yield, but the process to form ammonia would take way longer. Therefore a relatively high temperature of 450 degree celcius is chosen.

Even though there’s the optimal temperature and pressure, the reaction is still very slow. Iron catalyst helps speed up the process by a bit so the ammonia is produced faster.

However even with all of the above, only 10 - 15% of the hydrogen nitrogen mixture changes into ammonia, the rest being unreacted. This is then recycled to produce more ammonia.

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ok then. Please wait 1 hour

Sorry for the late delivery but heres your food

I would like a rat poison and KFC chicken to pour on my food and let it swim.