Poisonous Forest [Hard] (Revamped) [70 Votes!]

Status: Completed, Gathering Support


ID: /3y9oq1
Old BGM: Flood Escape 2 OST - Poisonous Valley
New BGM: Poisonous Forest OST - Manel Navola
Creator: Hawxybird
Difficulty: Hard
Buttons: 9 ( 4 Group, 5 Normal )
Part Count: 3,805
Instances: 4,917


Note: this is a solo map now since nothing in this map was constructed or programmed by TheEmeraldDev

New Description

After falling into a lift from a small shack you come across a cave with lanterns and boxes until you come outside and realize its a giant forest with mountains, trees, and support beams everywhere. the poison isn’t stopping yet, find your way out of the forest before it fills with poison.

Original Description

After escaping a familiar valley you fell through the floor of a shaft and came into a forest with giant holes and telecommunication devices. The poison isn’t stopping yet, get to the end of the forest before you die :trollage:

Map Images

  • Last image above is whole map view from above (No Fog) -

New Images

poisonous valley and dark sci forest
map combinations go brrrr


I think its great it could of maybe used an different theme or name from someone’s map but still its great just rember to not use name thats been used (unless you are doing an map with that name but the map is different) (soorry

it’s pretty cool actually

maybe give it a dark magenta ambience

The overall theme looks awesome tbh, the attention to detail is really good too. The lighting needs to be a bit tweaked though in my opinion.

Looks amazing, cant wait for the ID!

poison is bad for u

but this map is good for u


eeee i like poison @MarcosP

:open_mouth: how daer u >:(((((((((

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The design is really good but the lighting could be fixed in some areas.

i like
i vote
i give vote
but anyways, like Brwinpa said, the lighting could be fixed, and also maybe add 2-3 more trees in the second picture

just updated the map with some fixes along with an OST (really just another PV remix but its an official version lol)

now you can play the map

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let me know if i should fix anything

I like it but I don’t like how there’s suddenly nothing in the caves in the 4th and 5th pictures

testing new update rn

I like it +1 vote

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i just released a new update with a lift effect, some lava texture and lava speed fixes, and fixed when the water rises over the patch of grass where you fall into poisonous chasm

Edit: also added more detail to some areas

you’re free to play the map now

yo thanks for 10 votes never knew i could get to this

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Make the chat alive

i buffed the lava now its way harder to solo :trollage: