Polls or give ideas for the Burning Ruins Huge Revamp (Majorly reducing part count.)

Ok the part count is now at 8K!!

So after timenotdesign said, reduce burning ruins revmap part count.

And I said yes.

I was lagging too when testing it. So I guess its time to union most of the decoration of the map.

Mostly unioning parts you cant touch either.

So after making this reply, the part count is at 8k currently.

Right now im at the process to majorly reduce the part count.

its because Im adding too much detail into this map, but I just want to show my max building skills ok.

So right now, I’m reducing the part count for burning ruins right now.

Edit: It’s reduced to 5k and under! (May increase if I keep working on it.

Ill tell you this:
Its better to show off your full potential

Wait I’ve played this map I remember
I would just like to tell you that you should fix the door in the tower section. When you get down, the door closes nearly instantly. I was unable to complete the map due to this and couldn’t rate the map properly.
The first room was quite a mess and still Is one but smaller, try to change it up.

Also for 3rd poll I would choose an other

There is another way to get out of the tower room. But thanks for telling me!
I’ll fix it soon.

wait wut I had no idea lol

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But hey it’s being fixed soon. And door route will be removed.

oh yay