Polls or give ideas for the Burning Ruins Huge Revamp

This topic is made for the burning ruins revamp and you can give me ideas to put in the map.

Also when each poll gets to 20 votes, I’ll close it and chose the option ya chose.
Poll 1: Should i add brick walls? (not material)
Looks like this.

  • Yes
  • No

0 voters

Poll 2: Should i scrap this room, it’s the last room tho (imo I looks awful)

  • Yes, remove the room
  • No, keep the room

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Well yes but the part count will increased a lot I think


A lot of people voted yes. I’m adding it lol.
Also the brick tiles are a union and the brick pattern I got from a free model I made for ya to take. It’s a building kit.

Yeah, you should. It’s a good way to add more detail to your map.

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Time to start spamming this on the walls now.

Its pretty much going to lag a lot.

Closed voting and yes I’ll add the walls.

first to vote for the second poll lol xd!

I will keep the room, but it will be hidden somewhere in the map. Just destroyed.