(POPULAR MAP) Ancient Shrine

Status: Whitelisted, Released

Edit: Hey everyone! The map is now fully finished and released! Thanks so much for the continuous support <3 Love you all

ID: 3972356581

Description of Map
Recently, I’ve been working on a new map called Ancient Shrine that fits the temple and cave style. If you have any feedback for the detailing, please leave them below. The map style is a mossy temple submerged in a cave:

Pictures/Videos of Map-

First Room:

Second Room:

Climbing Section:

Vertical Room Before Last Room:

Last Room:


this seems very temple themed but you get a vote from me. good job bro


decrease the hue of the brown perhaps
but i like where its going

he’s back!!!


lets go!

never left :3

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treacherous temple revamp?

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Name suggestion: Shrine Wreckage

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Not really, the style and color scheme is just a bit revamped but everything else is different ex. wall details, roof details, lava, difficulty, and gameplay. The only thing that is the same is map lighting.

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Nice gob is it a temple/ jungle?

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yep! It is

i knew it :3

alright, imo even as it’s in work in progress state, it looks like it has a way too high part count due to the vines and detail. otherwise, i really like it and i think it stands a chance of getting in FE2

also, please dont self vote your map

I believe 4k is the maximum part count. I still have a lot of optimizations to do. Current part count is almost 2k. I believe the maximum part count I will have will be around 3k - 3.5k. Yet again, I’m sure I can do some optimizations that might get me to 2500.


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this looks really good. i love the atmosphere in the 2nd picture!

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Yeah I love it too! The lighting technique I used there is sick

ok wow this is sick dude, the lava in the 1st pic looks out of place though

Out of place? how?

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