Portal Gun [Tank]

Portal Gun from a game “Portal” remade into a tank <3
The particle emitters supposed to show the preparation of two portals (Blue and Orange)
Would have added wires, but then it will be too much parts.

Price: 100 - 150 Gems (Maybe)

Overall - 17 Parts

14 Parts, 2 Unions, 1 Mesh, 2 Particle Emitters (Not counted as a part)


Example Picture:

I was tried to do something like this… but ok. Good job!


yaya thanks
i am a big fan of portal (especially portal 2)

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Hmm nice

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thank you :blush:

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thats a cool idea my dude

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this is very clever!! nice work!!


the particles

ok lol

this is original!

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awwww thank you :slight_smile:

dead topic

You just revived this post, now you’re sinned for reviving the topic.

no lol
i actually made this topic
i want people to review it

It looks really good

how is it sinning if you revive it

why does this post keep dying
ngl i could have done better with this

Welcome to the Aperture Science Flood Tank Innovators Facility.

It is a portal gun, capable of being very, very expensive. At 250 gems, you will never have a chance to hold it in your back.

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Very cool

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