Potential Crazy's in FE2

Hello again everybody. I’m going to use the 60 seconds of your time required for you to read this for me to talk about four Crazy maps I think have the potential to join Flood Escape 2. If you have your own opinions, or want to talk about why I selected these four, please feel free to tell me!

Map 1: Lighthouse.
I’m fairly certain this map has been requested to death already, but this is not a request post, so…
Basically I admit I think Lighthouse could possibly be able to join the game’s ranks. I’m not going to rant on this map, as I’m already beating a dead horse, so I’ll just admit all it needs is to change a few wrap around jumps and maybe touch up the opening jump.

Map 2: Ignus Peaks.
This is another map I’m certain most people expect on this, and if so, you’re right. Ingus has excellent gameplay, great design choices, and a difficulty that perfectly fits in with the two official Crazy maps (Those being Blue Moon and Poisonous Chasm if you live under a rock). The only thing really holding it back in my eyes is that we’re likely getting either Nemesis or Maelstrom in the main game, and they both have a design style that kinda make Ingus stand out less.

Map 3: Jungle Inferno.
This is likely another map everyone expected to show up here, and is also the last one you probably expected. Like with Lighthouse, I don’t really need to talk about Jungle that much, as the majority of us have played it at least once. One thing I will say is that the jump between the first half of the map and the statue would be PERFECT for a zipline.

Map 4: End of the Line.
This one probably shocks a few people, but I think Line also has the potential to be in the game. It’s design alone is very unique, as it’s the first train-themed map in map test. It has a good difficulty ramp, excellent obstacle blending, and is also a very fresh breath of air for more recently made FE2 maps. The only real issues I could see it having are it may be a bit laggy on chaos servers and if this and Jungle are added then it might feel like there are too many disney12 maps in the Crazy difficulty.

So, yeah, those are the four that I think could be in the game. I don’t know what else to say. K bye.

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I agree fully with Lighthouse, and I bet a whole lot of others also agree.

he already rejected jungle inferno o think

I would like End of the line in FE2. Such a unigue map

Guest hasn’t received a message saying it has been accepted, it’s been very long and highly unlikely to be added. Its design is a bit confusing in some parts (like wraps) but it does have potential to be added despite these reasons.

I never thought about this, but it does actually fit in. However, it’s quite difficult compared to the other Crazies.

Nemesis wasn’t confirmed but it’s highly likely, Crazyblox has looked at it before. (Not the revamp I think)

Maybe :thinking:

Although it’s very original and creative, that might be the problem. It’s too far out of FE2’s style of map themes, although its detail and structure fits well.

I have another.
Tempestuous Blizzard

Ignus :smile:

Since wraparounds aren’t really accepting in most FE2 Maps, this is probably a no.

blue moon has “wraps”, this was an exception because you can see through them and know to jump around
lighthouse has wraps with windows so you can see through, but it’s really hard to do so which is why it counts as a regular wrap

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I forgot about blue moon…

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it is in game?

crazyblox dosent like lighthouse (i think) because its only upwards, and there’s no change in scenery. everything you jump on is the same color as every other obstacle, making only the beginning of the map memorable. aso i agree it needs to be nerfed a bit if it had a chance of getting added

ignis peak is probably the map i dont want to get in to the game most. it has way to many wall wraps and wall jumps. the first jump with the wall jump in lighthouse is difficult. ignis peak does jumps like that several times, that are more difficult then the lighthouse jump. also, it has certain points where you have to do a wall wrap, which dosent happen with any other maps. i disagree that the difficulty fits with the other in-game crazies. finally, the entire middle section of the map (which is about half of the map) looks the exact same, and has no change in obstacles. its just a canyon/cave type area with the same style that gets annoying, making very little parts of this map memorable. finally, i think this map tried to make the jumps the difficult part of it, and because of that there isnt much use of buttons

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woah woah woah
Ignis Peak probably has enough potenial for FE2
I’m not saying your wrong, though this is your opinion
The wraps and wall jumps are pretty unique in my opinion btw
I don’t agree with it