Prehistoric Calamity [Normal]

Status: Gathering Support
Finished (Might add more detail)
Un whitelisted as off writing

Description of Map
The map is like a Lost Desert remake but with more decorations, it was also made easier because this is only my second map and I am making these just to have more experience, I call it Prehistoric Calamity.

This map is short and I don’t really make maps as of now to be a “contender” as an actual map for the game, I am still learning all the features of FE2 map building and hopefully I can make more elaborate maps as my skills further improve!

This isn’t the best because I speed built and the meshes were the main decoration, I still make my maps design orientated and not the best gameplay, I am still working on that!

My first map was Island Waves, I posted it earlier today and that map took me around 2-3 days to complete, but I made this map for the sole purpose of speed building so please don’t kill me if it looks rushed! Sorry!

In addition to this, I remembered to put the map in the difficulty categories, I forgot to put Island Waves in the easy category and I am so sorry for that!


Music: 1838890637
Map: 4556450094 (Not whitelisted yet but hoping! ;D)

Pictures / Videos of Map-

![image|690x336] (upload://ts6kSELAea65CtgPMC8JnZRkczJ.jpeg)

I am at a loss for words. This looks absolutely stunning!


This is really nice imo! +1 vote.

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Woah! The map looks so amazing. :open_mouth:
I like the designs and they look great! The details and the assets are so excellent. The map views are really nice, and I like your building style!

Since this map hasn’t been whitelisted yet, I’ll wait until your second map has been whitelisted. I can’t wait to play the gameplay for Prehistoric Calamity!

You deserve a vote for your second map. Great job! :+1:

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THis looks very realistic and stunning as well. I love how you make these bones and the cactus but just remind you make sure that the meshes are smooth so it’s better


Meshes are perfect! Nice work!


you are awesome at nature maps! color choice is a little bland but the details are very cool!
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oml this map is really good
all it needs is fog and ambience and maybe a skybox

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i suggest you change the sand color because it looks kinda odd to me

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how do people make these meshes

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blender or smthng

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I’m very speechless of this map, your building style is like disney12, CactusBlast64, JIroAzurai, etc. voted my boi

What is this monstrocity

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I think you should put some things on the land (like outer part) to make it look realistic. Maybe some Pyramids, walls, terrain or other decorations like some cacti. (kinda what I did with Christmas Candyland). Otherwise, good map and I can’t wait to play it!

That is Azuraic / JiroTheWolfie. He changed his name a few weeks ago

The terrain…fabulous

Great mappa. Also…

Excuse me. :expressionless:

Then why the heck are you calling him “JiroAzurai”? I know he changed his name. But he didnt change his name to that monstrocity

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he did

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