Press Alt+F4

Want some dank memes? Press ALT+F4!

no thank you

also @moderators, this new person is an alt of @hallow555 which is now banned

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Because I like this forum and like to stay

we know you are either XDFeatured or Eleven

Never heard of them.

yeah sure LOL

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Yes cuz I didn’t know this forum until this month


If thats so,then why did you go roast baconboi by sending him a messages with swears

You have been here before
Stop lying

you like this forum but this forum isn’t for you to mess

I haven’t been active that much, but don’t evade your ban.

btw the alt+f4 prank is pretty old


big epic happens when alt f4 do it now!!!

lmao i press alt+f4 and it did something eyyeyeyeyeyeyee

shut up that joke is dead


alt f4 closes the tab youre in, im pretty sure everyone should know that lol

yeah and hallow (whomstever it is) needs a vibe check :flushed: :raised_back_of_hand:

So on your ‘main’ you said you were born in 2004 and your roblox account was made 2007? I have never seen anyone play Roblox at 3 :rofl:

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Its not their account anyways lol. Just put the first thing that came to their mind probably

ik lol

Probably an alt.