Problem with EventString

Hi, so I recently updated my map with EventString. However, The water’s state does not change nor does it rise. The buttons work fine but I don’t get the ExitRegion/Exit Block’s survival text.

Here is my script. Could someone help me out? Thanks!

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are the waters in a model ?
e.g put water in intro model

because that happened to me

No, the waters arent in a model which is why I deleted the Intro.Map

why does it say Map. instead of Lib.Map.

edit: its probably the reason why!!!

it should be like this if u want it to work


script.Parent --> Lib.Map
mapScript.setWaterState --> Lib.Script.setWaterState
mapScript.moveWater --> Lib.Script.moveWater

The answer to your problem is simple.

You have put:


You need to change it to


This should fix the problem.

Thanks! I’ll try it out!

Hey, I tried it Out but it didn’t work!
I put in the .Intro code and placed my _Waters in the Intro but the map still doesnt work : p
uhhh%202 uhhhhh

Hey, I tried it out but it didn’t work, so instead uhhh%202 uhhhhh I put in the .Intro code and placed my _Waters in the Intro but the map still doesnt work : p

Hey, dude you also got the same problem as me!

This was mine i followed up the template

And this one is the one i put when someone corrected me.

Both don’t work. And also i put waters in the model. And yes i don’t use Intro. So anyone knows the issue here? Cause i put up a post about this a little while ago

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Huh? Let me check what is the problem.

Is there any error given it the output in fe2 maptest? if so, you could find out and send it to me or manually correct the error.

Are you updating the EventString? Sometimes it is an easy thing to mess up.

What do you mean by the map’s not working? Is it because the water is not rising?, or that you cannot swim in the water at all? This might occur due to scripts laying around in your Map which shouldn’t be there.
In the event that there isn’t scripts at all and it’s still acting like this, well… I really do not know what to do, as I’ve been having this issue with “Toxic Sewers” and the EventString was proofread 1 million times (exaggeration) but I still haven’t found anything which could’ve been messing with game files or something.

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What’s the ID of the map? I’ll go check it out, see if any error messages appear.

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the ID is 1970279739

Lemme check, 1 sec.

Send me the eventstring code.

this could help if you make with this:
local Map = Lib.Map

There is an error saying “Intro is not a valid member of model”
check if model is in the map, as a direct child