Problem with my scripts D:

when I use the function of a button everything works perfectly, but when I add another function for another button, all the “vector3” are deactivated and nothing works anymore

1 btn. func.

2 btn. func.

even if I change the button number it doesn’t work PLEASE HELP ME :((

You didn’t add an end for this function.

it doesn’t work the same D:

(I’ve removed “end”)

Did you even add the end? Like that literally looks like a screenshot from the images above.

Also I’m not a mapScript expert, I only know EventString. So all I can really say is, sorry.

Okay just saw this, I said add, not remove.

At least try to add the “end” to the end of the script, it is essential for the script to work.

2 issues:

  1. Functions are supposed to have an end at the end of the function.
  2. Both button functions have the same button number.
    I recommend NOT having multiple of them with the same number. If there are multiple, the button function will be overwritten by the next ones. Make sure to change the number in the [ ] to the button number that you want and you’re good to go.