Problem with Water speed

I’ve only seen this twice but i wanted to make this known, on a small amount of servers ive been in there has been the problem where water/acid/lava rises and lowers much MUCH slower then theyre normally supposed to, i have screenshots to prove of this in 3 different maps (The screenshots taken are shown at points where the lava/acid/water wouldve already risen up pretty high, also didnt close chat box lol)

it’s probably because of server lag

its happening with auras off, ghost players on all, detail low, graphics mode 1 for roblox itself and all pictures taken were with at least 30 fps, i dont think its server lag

that’s client lag, I mean that it’s the game itself that is lagging

the client isnt lagging, i dont think it even lags for me, if it was client lag i think i would be getting it more then only twice out of multiple times of playing the game

you should have recorded it instead of screenshotting it


I think this is a server-sided lag. According to Sese, water is controlled by using keeping method, and changes the height of the water every Heartbeat(~60 times/second) but that may vary according to the lag of the server. So if the server is experiencing lag, the heartbeat rate will drop, height will change less frequently, and the water will rise slower


Wth why does close in a month not 4 days

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everything else is perfectly fine besides the water speed, all other players are running around at normal speed, air depletes at normal speed as well and buttons and the timer do not lag at all, meaning its only the water speed changing to be really slow, you could be right but i have no idea

i dont have any sort of recording software to use and using the roblox video thing would cause me to lag, so i didnt have any other choice

This happens on chaos servers, so it can happen. My computer can handle choas and laggy stuff, so it could still have players looking and running at normal speed.

In other words, the game (server) is overloaded or lagging to the point it is lagging too much, therefore, slowing the lava/acid/water.

It happened to me yesterday, in 3 different servers. It was quite hilarious, because it made it impossible to get second button in abandoned facility with slow motion water rising, so everyone oof in acid. And btr was also impossible cause the lava would not go down. It is affecting the water/lava speed and doors opening etc. And also the bridge in sed temple took forever to raise

I should say the server is in a low fps but not lag, sorry

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