Problems about my Crazy map

I kept having this problem because the settings, EventScript, and String are in the main model. Can you people please show a picture of ExitRegion, ExitBlock, EventScript/String, Settings in a “direct model” so I can do it easily?
Screenshot 2020-09-28 095434

you have to remove either eventstring or eventscript
plus exit region and block have to be a child of the map model itself


how do you not understand what i’m saying lol

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i mean ur like a brainiac

this is one of the funniest remarks i have ever got lol

i mean like it keeps on saying couldn’t find any compatible maps, and i had that problem every time

find other topics that had your question, they have a chance of being already solved

this is what you said last time

(I may have got it wrong)

The things needs to be like this:


im doing LollsNowExploiting’s answer first

that’s exactly what he meant lol

the ExitRegion and block were in a separate model lol

they have to be a child of the map model

i whitelisted it
im a student, can one of you guys test it when its whitelisted?

like said above you can’t have event script and event string delete one

so I tried to fix the problem and deleted the EventScring, still can’t play my map

screenshot of the map hierarchy

both are my map
current ones:

Screenshot 2020-10-05 085642

Check if:
ExitRegion, ExitBlock, Spawn, Settings, and either EventScript or EventString are a direct child of the map.
Settings must have the following: BGM, MapName, MapImage, Difficulty, Creator, the Lighting folder.
manualweld? Ha! It just errors! wait this is not old fe2 scratch that

Other notes:
If the map has both EventScript and EventString, EventString will be used instead as it is prioritized higher by the game.