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Hi!!! This is a map I made that originally was gonna be Crazy but turned out to be hard. Yes every single autumn map is hard I know (well not all of them but I see a trend like this). Anyways, third map that I made. Hope you enjoy it.

Important Information

:arrow_forward: Status: 90% Complete, Still Accepting Feedback, Almost Complete, zewo
:arrow_forward: Part Count (as of 1/22/2020): 1881
:arrow_forward: Part Count w/MeshParts & UnionOperations (as of 1/22/2020): 2374
:arrow_forward: ID: 4527991719 (Not the map, don’t play)
:arrow_forward: Demo ID: Same as ID lol
:arrow_forward: Creator(s): Visual_VDvanox


Typical autumn map with some magic stuff in it. It was mainly inspired by Sunset Bloom and Marmalade Heights. There is a little bit of other inspirations here and there but I’m not gonna get into that.

Pictures and Videos


FedeDoesStuff/@FedeDoesStuff - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3YLQooRQuk

Fopdooodle/@Fopdooodle - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ml5cnOKAmKo

Brief Summary:

  • Picture 1: The spawn on an island. This is also the map image lmao

  • Picture 2: A view of button two. Yea that’s a nice description of what this picture is, isn’t it?

  • Picture 3: A semi-full view of the first section. Two buttons are in view.

  • Picture 4: The entrance to the cave.

  • Picture 5: The cave. The design was inspired by Magmatic Mines’s. There’s two buttons here and it’s fairly short in this area so you should be fine (as long you don’t die by the secondary flood that is).

  • Picture 6: The second section of the map. -Additional Details Here-

  • Picture 8 (Secondary Pic 7): A small cave tunnel. This leads to an unfinished section of the map.

More content will be added.

Some Polls (Will turn into Map Revoow :clap: soon):

All polls have been deleted. Sorry but I’m so weak to do anything right now.

:thonk: i commit write sentence thing lol


That rock bridge thing looks like a plank of rock. Maybe add some wedges underneath it (sorta like supports) so it doesn’t look boring?

Maybe the name could be “Autumn Scapes”?

Noice, I could think about the name :oof:

10/10 name


Marmalade Hideaway lolxd


Think of a normal name lol.

Obviously lol.

Bet you’re gonna say something like “Autumnatishnufication Transulutationen”



the trees are superior

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omg yes i’m voting right now owo epic

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try putting humps on the ground, can be meshes or whatever

a suggestion: make a fitting ambience lol

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“Deteriorate Escarpment” just a name idea :oof:

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call it deserted undergrounds

mom can i play the harp and then throw it out the window plez

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Yes, after you have done with it, you will no longer to use your wifi anymore.

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I’ll try to put that in, it’s not decided yet though…

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haha yes

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seems legit