Project Nebula (New Update!)

Status: Gathering Support

Description of Map
It is finally here, Project Nebula, Made by 8 People, You guys asked for it, here it is.
(P.S. I’m the owner of what this was, Yes it’s me, Big_Spree)

Going to your Workshop, you go down the elevator, Which hasn’t had an accident in a LONG time. Suddenly, the elevator stopped, Nothing would work. Not even calling for help. Trapped In an elevator, you try your best to budge out of there, hitting buttons, kicking the door, stomping, and finally, it moved, but not where you expected it to be. As it’s going down and down, You dabbed for a while and you were doing the T-pose. But finally, you have stopped. And you quickly notice that what place you’re in is not where you’re supposed to be. In an unknown place, beneath of what you were trying to go to. It is unknown of what it is, but you finally realize, you are in a Project zone, that project name you ask? Well, it’s simple. It’s called, “Project Nebula”.

ID of Map
1480969661 / There u go :slight_smile:

Model of Map

Pictures / Videos of Map-

(The Lift)

(The 1st Room)

(The 2nd Room)

(The 3rd Room)

(The AirTank Room)

(The Vent Room)

(The 4th Room)

(Uh, This.)

(The Drain Room)

(Part Of The Vent Room)

(The Final (5th) Room)

(The Road (Optional, not needed for completion.))
(The Ending of the Road)

Edit: Are you ready? Because a New Update has LANDED!

New Glass Window thing idk

Now, Here we go.

An Event Button!

The Event Place!

Videos: (Outdated :/)

(NothingButRias’s Video V1)

(Pomdinga’s Video)

(3 More Videos but am too lazy so)


(NothingButRias’s Video V2)

And more like jesus how many videos are there

That’s all I have to show you! Have fun escaping this flood >:)
If you can beat it that is lol

NothingButRias Was Here :V


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Final room needs so much detail and fixes about platforming design.But other rooms are good enough in my opinion.

ik i rushed that :V

The Big Developer vs The Little Creators…

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A New Update Has Just Landed!

Scroll to the post to find out more :slight_smile:

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Sigh… Project Ebol- Er, Nebula…
This level needs a lot of improvement. The creators clearly spent a lot of time on this, but overlooked the level a bit too much. First, the walljumps. you can barely notice where the walljump pads are, since they don’t have the walljump decal. Second, you don’t even NEED the walljumps. that makes the walljump pads a waste of space. Another thing is you can EASILY get lost in the level, as there are no signs or arrows what so ever. Also, there’s a room with NPCs you can talk to. I haven’t talked to them, but it’s useless for them to talk, so remove the script or thing that add the talk bubble. Also people could get confused with the vent that leads to a crazyblox decal. I know it’s supposed to be a easter egg, but people could still get confused in it, so I suggest removing it.
Another thing is that the 1st and 3rd room is really cramped, which also get’s people confused. especially the invisible block next to the 4th button. This obviously will take a long time to fix, so it’s up to you if you want to remake the rooms.
I can’t really think of anything else that’s bad about this level. I admire the decoration, just not the gameplay, so you should fix that, so Project Nebula is better.

YoUrS truly ThE GaRbAGe DiSpOsAl :heart:

the 4th button gets blocked by one of the rock glaciers, so yeah.

3rd room is kinda cramped, but i don’t think any change will be needed for that room. 1st Room i’ll need to change.

I get the 2nd walljump, as it’s just not needed for any part, because you can just jump from the truss to the platform. But The 1st one is just for people who can’t find a way to get over the 2nd button.

yes yes ik that crazyblox decal ill just move the vent that will brake, also i really need to remove those “unicorns” one of my builders have added in.

As for signs/arrows, it’s very obvious that you can get to the 2nd room without needing any signs to get there. but for the vent part, I can see your point there.

thx for understanding and I hope your map will be successful!

This map is very nice! Hope it’ll recive many other votes!

thats redirected to nothingbutrias…

By the way when did your map got whitelisted.

6 months ago lmao

O_O . Really…(I just saw the topic date and then said this)

Thanks! :smiley:

We also added the tweening affect with the neon in the 2nd room! :smiley: Enjoy!

Wait where Project Nebula?!

(Shh search Jumper)

or copy the ID and paste it in

nah its loads SECTOR