Project Ruins Development Post

Ok. I have decided to continue a discontinued map.

Ok I’m gonna make 2 parts.

1: Project Ruins (Obviously and I’m gonna revamp it and it’s gonna be my very first time doing a layout and then decorate it)

2: Map Collab (Doors 3): Ok I have decided to join this collab and I’m gonna work on my part first then work on project Ruins. again, I’m doing a layout, then decorate it and then make it a model, and lastly, post it to the collab.

Doors 3 Collab:

Project Ruins: (None yet)


ok im working on doors 3 too

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Layout Finished for Doors 3.

Time to decorate it.

wait it has to be THAT big?

Idk. But I’ll make it that big.

im going to make another part lol

prepare for bee swarm simulator lol


I made a the map part into a free model so I can just insert it into the Doors 3 Collab.

I’m gonna use this room for Project Ruins too.

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I want to join door 3 but how?

Just ask in that post.

Moder post?

Ask in the post where they were hosting the collab (Topic name is basically named “Map Collab” in general category)

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Ok I made 2 map parts for Doors 3. So they are both finished. Now I might work on project ruins soon.

Legacy Lighting test.


so anything else

I haven’t made progress on the actual map yet, but the room I showed above is one of the rooms I will put in the map.

The map is based on my original map, “Project Ruins” of course. The map is deleted and never whitelisted. I would call it burning ruins old version.

But it’s coming back in a different way and showcasing my favorite Fe1 rooms.

First Room Progress.