Pulsar (Aura)

Sorry for the last topic that was in the wrong category.

So uh this is like my first aura thing if I gonna be honest here. I don’t think it’s that bad, though it does need major improvements because it doesn’t even look like what I was going for. Still on the edge if I want this to be a submission or something I just made for fun and that I just wanted to show it to you guys. Anyways, I suck at beams and particles and trails, lets a go


Things to keep in mind:

  1. Already said this but this is my first aura I’ve made. More might come if I get more inspiration/motivation.
  2. More colors will be added, I just choose these colors because one of them was a base and the other two are the colors of the reference image.
  3. I’m aiming more for accuracy. By that I mean how it looks. I want it to look as accurate as possible to the actual star it’s based off of.
Reference Image




Thanks! Any type of feedback you want to suggest?

This looks really nice and interesting. An aura that is based on a space object.

I like space stuff bc I’m a nerd

Just realized that this part existed.


I think I can replicate that with a Trail.

imagine if i
if i what??? :thonk:

cool aura btw
not sure how I like the line in the back though

About that line, it’s not in the back, it’s more of in the center. While I would remove it because it gets in the way, it’s kinda there in the reference image and without it, the aura would look a bit bland. I could make it smaller if you like. Or change the rotation of it because it doesn’t have the same rotation as the “rings” themselves.

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Hmm, can I see how it looks smaller?

Maybe tomorrow, it’s getting late for me right now.

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imagine if he was amazing

did i just revive the aura category
cool though lol

cool concept not gonna lie

Oh yeah forgot to put a price on this.

Maybe it could be Coins, but then again for something like this, it could be Gems.

Either 2000 Coins (Probably too expensive) or 450 Gems (Again, probably very expensive)

I’m not good at putting prices on things so help me out here. Only putting a price as a concept if I were to make this an actual submission for the real game.

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