QnA ['Extreme' Crazy] by A_lt

just ask me a random question and i’ll give my response, like i don’t mind if it’s personal or not, but go ahead and ask me anything you want.

(if i ignore a question, it probably means that i was too lazy to answer the same question that was asked before.)


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Hmmm okay

What do you think of the FE2 community

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How old are you?
Your favourite fe2 soundtrack
How did you discovered ROBLOX and fe2
Do you like the warriors?
what do you think about the fe2 rip offs like FEM and Tide outbreak (They are garbage imo and their creators are also garbage)
And your favourite fe2 map?

How do you think about the public map test servers in discord?
What games do you like other than FE2?

How did you learn your passion to playing FE2?

  1. I’m 14 years old (as of this year)

  2. Blue Moon OST or Sedimentary Temple OST

    • I found RBLX from watching DanTDM (not kidding.) but beforehand, I’ve already seen RBLX.
    • I found FE2 mostly out of curiosity. I’ve gotten more into FE2 after playing with HexagonP a lot and seen Flamingo made a video on it.
  3. i generally don’t care abt them. i don’t like but i don’t like hate em.

  4. as long as they’re not buggy nor have maps directly imported from FE2 (if they exist in MapTest or other fan games). i’m generally ok with em, not saying i like them.

  5. Sedimentary Temple or Blue Moon

  1. i want them to be more inclusive to other difficulties and be less into challenges

  2. geometry dash, murder mystery 2, deathrun, loomian legacy, space experiement, any other games related to the previous mentioned

i find it addicting for no reason, i mean i played with hex a lot then i found map test and i realized theres a whole community behind it, so yeah

not the best community, but i’m very attached to it. despite the drama, i still enjoy being apart of this great community. you get to see creators and players getting along which is a pretty cool interaction. i found few people to vent to from this community, in which the ONLY people i vent to.

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Wait are you 15 or 14???

owo link pls

Q: what do you think FE2’s next major update should be?

What do you use to edit (you are my editing idol =3)
when have you started to play fe2
did you play any other games than roblox in the past?
sansd undertal < tem undertal

  1. why alphandom/altrix? why not betandom? :3
  2. detailed crazy maps with bad/luckbased gameplay or layouts with good gameplay?
  3. easy or crazy difficulty?
  4. if you could put 1 map into the game, what would it be?
  5. =) or :)?
  6. favourite roblox face?
  7. favourite colour(s)?
  8. which is harder: baseplate or lobby?
  9. have you played any roblox spin-off games?
  10. samsung or apple?

why do you change your name

New gameplay mechanics and maybe more community maps.

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  1. A calculator powered by a potato
  2. Late 2017
  3. Murder Mystery 2, Epic Minigames, Natural Disaster Survival
  4. yes.
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  1. i needed a simpler and cleaner name, bEta is tOo gEnerIC
  2. gameplay
  3. crazy, it has a more flexible way to make it tough
  4. Omitted Temple
  5. =)
  6. :]
  7. dark blue, purple
  8. none, part is
  9. nope
  10. samsung

alpha was too generic imo, then i also didnt like how my YT was going (only FE2 vids were popular), decided to make a new one to rewrite my story

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What’s your favorite level in GD?