Question about lightning effects

So my map has a few additional lightning effects like ColorCorrections, bloom, and blurs so the map will looks decent when played. But I don’t know how to add those lightning effects to the FE2 Map Test so if someone knows how to add a lightning effects to the FE2 Map Test, either by a script or anything else, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

A tutorial coming for you…


The Ambient


Its only the black Square:

So, for you wanna a blue ambiente just change the square in lighting (In studio)

And put a box and see the box on the inside

And if you liked the amibient , just paste the color in the FE2 MAP kit ambient square

Fog Color

Its just the fog color:

Anotação 2020-02-07 100532



Its just the strength of color


IF you fog are blue and you put 1 the fog would be like that:

But if you put 1000, the fog would be like that:

And if you like this fog end,just paste it in FogEnd in FE2 Map Kit


Well…Im very confused to with FogStart and if anymore want help i appreciate it

Im my opnion im doing nothing with FogStart :confused:



Its just the time of day in your map


So if you put 00:00:00 The map will be night

And if you like it just paste it in Time OfDay in FE2 Map Test

I hope you liked my tutorial :smiley:

no that’s not what I mean

So what do you need help?

adding these

Mine tutorial its says the only things you can do in fe2 map test

Well…if you need script i recomend this topic

[REDONE] - Flood Escape 2 Scripting Tutorial!

Oh…For me…This can´t be added in FE2 Map Test

Ask for someone this,

Because im a noob and i dont know anything lol

local ColorCorrect = Instance.new("ColorCorrectionEffect", game.Lighting)
local Bloom = Instance.new("BloomEffect", game.Lighting)
local Blur = Instance.new("BlurEffect", game.Lighting)

- Other Stuff

You can make them how u want it after

**The god @Kriscross102RBLX saved us **

Lmao xD

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What about after the map? I’m sure they don’t want the lighting to stay like that until the player leaves the game…

In many maps [only in the mabient] , they stay in the lobby, so…if onl ambient stay in the ,imagine what this thing [my opinion] would be like.

Make it in local event script