Question for crazyblox: Why arent VIP servers free?

I already heared that you can make VIP servers free, everyone wants to play in multiplayer but cant because they dont have enough robux, and they end up being bored so why not change it to free?

You can see that VIP servers are now changeable to free.

[SOLVED THIS QUESTION]: Developers need robux, Crazyblox is saving up for it so this is why VIP servers wont be free

[SOLVED ANOTHER QUESTION]: Not all entertainment have to be free man

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i guess it’s because he wants robux lol


Yeah but sadly, everyone wants to play multiplayer just for fun right?


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It was supposted to be free for everyone

this has to be free. otherwise i cannot play community maps

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because developers need robux, hence why they made games… what is a game without incomes?? not all entertainment have to be free man


crazy already provides a free game; and idk if some of you know but fe2 is literally crazy’s job, so of course he needs money!! he depends on VIPs and gamepasses, etc. this money doesn’t just go towards him either, it helps him buy things specifically for fe2’s development(hence why crazy is super active with development). it helps him provide content for the game too. i mean, he does pay map creators. imagine how much he paid zach!!


He paid like 100K robux to rare


Alright, you all solved those questions.

ah I wish they were free or at least cheaper, sadly he has to make money somehow

He needs it to pay the people that make maps for his game, and to live his life, FE2 is crazy’s full time job, so he relies on gamepasses and products to live his life, as said before he has to pay out map creators for making maps and getting them in game, Shortroundzach got 2 of his maps in the game in the past month! Thats like 60k bobux, and without gamepasses or dev products, crazy couldn’t do that, it might also explain why he wasn’t adding maps in for a ton of time


He needs robux?

Do we really need anything?

Also he has plenty

Quite a lot more than me


FE2CM is a free ‘subscription’. Private servers are a ‘premium subscription’ that gives you more offers (playing with friends). Put it that way.