(Queue full!) [Free!] 🎶 Map OST composition!

So I saw someone doing this a while back but they stopped, so uh

here i am lol

Just link your maps post and maybe I’ll compose something for ya.


Auburn Highlands - Requested by @Vis

Slot taken by @PaxAttack2010


Completed Soundtracks

Arctic Headquarters - Requested by @KingMarine

Rules… I guess?

  • I have 3 slots. No more, no less.
  • The map must be yours. If it’s a collaboration map, then check with other devs first. I’d prefer the project leader to request if one exists.
  • I can’t compose for every theme in existence, so please make sure the theme is well enough established in your map. Generic facilities don’t count, it needs to have a unique flair to it, so diamond-plate on neon lines doesn’t qualify (coUgh aReA 12 cOuGH).
  • No buffs, reskins, joke maps or low-effort maps.
  • It’ll take some time to compose an OST, please be patient!
  • Yes, it’s free, but I won’t be uploading it to Roblox. You’ll be DM’d the Mp3 file to upload it yourself. I’ll put up the Roblox audio price board.
  • The length will be roughly two minutes unless you want it shorter to cut costs.
  • Mashup maps are difficult to work with and won’t get an OST.
  • First in, first served - if you don’t get a slot, please don’t hate on the people who did. I’ll probably mark a slot as open once the OST is completed anyways.
  • If you have any special requests for the OST, please list them!

These are the costs of uploading audio on Roblox, based on length

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Alright, that’s all for now! Stay safe everyone!


I mean sure why not

Not sure if you count this as a generic facility map though

2232361925 | Map post

Not here to request anything since I also compose stuff but out of curiosity…

can you share some tracks here for speculation?


oh yeah, I forgot to add some of those :sweat_smile:

here are some of the pieces I’ve made before


It’s got its own flair, I’ll add it to the queue!


I would love for you to make one of Fiesta Plaza!

You got it!

I’m thinking about requesting Sunstopia but since it has Facility theme so I think you can do either Sunsteria (upcoming map) or Emerald Grove (even its a collab but I think Steve is fine) or you can do Sunstopia if you want.

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Lol idk which one of my maps deserve a custom ost help.

Hmm a Rejected Ecosystem OST would be nice. ID: 2079265589

Can you do an OST for Low Tunnel? Link to the map is below.

the man also made this mmmmm


I would love to have done Sunstopia, but as you said, it’s a facility, and more on the generic side (this doesn’t make the map bad, just hard to compose for). If you can send me some more information on Sunsteria it might make the queue. As for Emerald Grove, double-check with steve first, and also decide on one between the two maps to receive a composition. I want to make sure everyone gets a fair go at getting an OST, hope you understand :slight_smile:

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I’d like to see a bit more development on the map first. The theme also seems a bit interchange-y which will make it hard to work with.

Just like with Tabby’s map, there isn’t a dedicated theme, which complicates things more. I’d need to get a bunch of timings in place, find the right BPM, and all in all it’s a long process that’ll hold up the queue. Thanks for understanding :slight_smile:

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the theme is multiple themes alright

I guess it’s worth a shot!

I can give you information about Sunsteria but only thru DM cuz I can’t leak it rn, beside it’s in 99% now (scripting progress just needs to be done then it’s ready to get released) so it should be fine for composing full of it

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By DM would be a much easier way around it. In the meantime, I’ll give slot 3 to Vis (Don’t worry, I’m almost done with slot 1 :sweat_smile:)


Will you be doing this again just asking?

Sure will! I’m just having some trouble with the software at the moment so I’m unable to work on anything atm.