Quitting Map Making

Hello guys,
So as the title says, I’ll be quitting map making

Why? Drama? No
The REAL reason I’m quitting is because it feels more of a chore than for fun. I don’t find it very interesting to make maps.

I hope you liked all of my creations.
From Jungle Deforestation --> Criminal World

This has been a great journey, and I wanna thanks for all the support you gave me on my maps! Appreciate it.

So Szymon, what will you be doing?
Well, I am recently starting to make a movie called The Sixth Hour for my school and the best movie gets chocolate :smiley:

Well, Better get going.

Have a lovely Day folks


Yes, I know your pain.

Just wanna say a quote I made up.

‘‘The Journey is what matters, not the end’’

rip criminal revamp

can u pls make criminal fortnite edition initial d

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it was a joke ok?

ok then


Question-mark? You’re not sure if you’re quitting? Hope you figure it out soon.

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I can feel the pain

I’ll remove the question mark

Aw man, you were a great dev.

Cya on the other side bro.

It was fun to know from the community. Time to move on like GustForce.