Radio/Raxdii's Map Development Post

A topic where I plan out and post sneak peeks

I haven’t been very active on the forums as I have used to since I’m partly in the JToH and obbying community but before I get involved in those communities I feel like I should redeem myself with remaking a couple of maps and possibly make a new map. I have made a bunch of maps recently but they are all collabs since most of them are people telling me to help script or build a map, but now I want to make stuff solo

Currently, I have these maps planned:

Remake Future Facility (and give it a different name)

Remake/Revamp Outerspace Problems (was requested by givemenamepls :eyes:)

Remake Chilly Winds (I’ve been wanting to do this for a really long while now when I look at it back now)

A Unnamed Map (that I started working on a week ago)


Yea i do remember mine

i attempted at making layout and lighting but :man_shrugging: about it

the first room’s gameplay was decent but also ehhh in some places so im gonna change a few things

pretty cool one here, i like that map style, good job! :sunglasses:

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heres a random update ive been doing so far to the new map ive been working on

(the spawn was just for testing)


ronaldinho soccall


Really like the look of this now after playing with lighting.

Doesn’t look horrible in map test anymore, but it isn’t dark enough so I may reduce the OutdoorAmb by a bit.


decided to start working on this again after killing this post for 3 days lol1!!!

name of this is now “Calamitous Expiration” which is a synonym for “Fatal Demise” (the old name of this)

if you have a map name with simple words and you want to make it more unique I recommend you to use https://www.thesaurus.com/ because it helps with picking a unique name :+1:

i’m not sure about the difficulty of this map–going to go for Insane, if not Hard because I’ve made way too much Crazy maps and I want to change it up

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why was my ronaldinho soccer video deleted :rage:

im not sure lol