Rainstorm Hollow [PLAYABLE!]

–MapData Processing–
Creator: thatdenimatedboi
ID: 2788342195
Map Inspired by: FedeDoesStuff, Awesom3_Eric, Phexonia, doctorned, & dripperoniz
Current State: Playable

Information Of Map:
this map relays on a Forest that is in a current state of Rain. You are currently relying on finding yourself in a storm and the rain is making the water rise faster!! You must work together to get to the exit, and escape the dangers of the water.

The pictures that rely to this are here:

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decent so far, although you could remove the outlines from the blocks that are button activated since it’s strange to see floating outlines in the sky

also make sure you made _Appear platforms can collide false unlike shortroundzach did with poisonous chasm?

aight who voted amazing because i’d like to say thank you

It looks basic, but I understand this is WIP.

i’m afraid not. it won’t be visible when you activate it

theres not really much right now so i cant really give feedback other than maybe giving the map a skybox, grass blades, bushes and tuning down the path’s color because right now its kinda way too yellow.

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doesn’t look yellow for me lol
but the bushes are my nightmare

woah you have improved man


dude a simple bush is literally like 3 - 5 parts rotated and scaled down lol (thats the most simple one)

can you like show me?

so im gonna show you 2 examples of the world’s simplest bushes to ever make. i know they both look really bad but its better to have a bad bush rather to not have bushes at all.

the first one is literally a part with wedges resized and rotated a few times

the second one is a part with a sphere SpecialMesh added into it, and once again its duplicated 3 times and resized.

number one i think would fit more but idk it goes with the blocky tree style

its his choice. im just showing him two simplest bush methods that ever existed

yeah he choosees

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also those two bushes were made in like 1 min each. i couldve tell deminated to make a bush in blender but he doesnt know how to use it so

Went with the 1st version

good map

thanks! :smiley:

I have now added Bushes

meh rain particles looks weird just remove them completely

arrows are also too thick