💦 Rainy Hillside (FINISHED!)

Status: Gathering Support, Whitelisted, Finished

Description of Map
The continuation of Forsaken Foundation. Mainly inspired by Quarry by DeltaAimee, Luminous Caves by LionLai123 & Mount Autumn by Dr_Right2. Note that nothing is finished and I’m looking forward to finish this! Yes, I said I discontinued this, but I am gonna work on it again.

ID: 4367161358
Creator: federoblox244
Music: VVVVVVVV - Piercing the Sky (something like that lol)

Pictures / Videos of Map-

— Start Room —

— Cave (Full part) —

— 2nd Last Room —

— End Room - Prequel to a discontinued map remake me and my friends were making. —



– federoblox244 (me lol)

– ghoouzz (channel name: ok)

– mosdafa12


– Jacklovesgeography (Jack is awesome)

Looks very well. Can’t wait for the sequel!


Looks good so far! I’d suggest adding some detail in the cave. Maybe add some rocks in the wall and add a bit more wedges.

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Looks nice. I might play it on my channel when it’s done. I get you don’t know much on what to do for the cave(s), but I suggest adding some crystals. It would add color variation and make the cave look nicer.

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woodland v2 :joy:

What’s the sequel to this map

the pics are oudated-

so uh i tried adding crystals and they looked really weird

this honestly looks weird lol

edit: this is outdated dont bother


does anyone know how to do the crystals from cave system? since im trying to make those for the map.

Look good but add more details

which details exactly??? i’m not adding neon everywhere though.

add some crytals but just a few and put it on a suitable place :thinking:

i tried

i am trying to make cave system’s crystals and i cant figure on how to make them :/.

bruh but the map looks pretty cool =V


note that the cave WILL be kinda bad since i suck at caves lol


Ok anyways this map is bland (don’t attack me just cause I said this) and I understand why. I also wouldn’t know what to do.

Look at Waterfield or Riverscape, 2 maps by Starfruit. I think they’re both amazing and decorated. Try to look what they do differently and then do your own take on it.

Hm that’s a nice suggestion. I know it’s bland, but no clue on what to add on the walls. I’ve tried looking at maps such as Eternal Frost for the cave, and I don’t really know what to add sitll.

add like those huge crystals i did in eternal frost lol they kinda fill up some space.

ok so i forgot to mention pictures are updated