Rating Your Avatar

saw a tweet where someone told people to go rate other people’s avatars so umm ya send me your avatar and I’ll rate it (and others can)

also while you’re at it rate my current Halloween avatar and my regular outfits




Didn’t spink do something like this 5 or 6 months ago?


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yeah he did

too lazy to do it rn

also on your avatar, it’s ok but i feel as if it has a bit too much

Here’s mine:

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this is mine right now

also elemental aren’t you naw’s alt?

yes I am :ok_hand: :joy: :ok_hand:

that is true, it is my alternate on tablet when i don’t have access to the computer

but right now, i’m using both because why not :innocent:

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id say 8/10

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10/10 cool

thnaks you

Screen Shot 2020-10-16 at 6.50.23 PM
New outfit for Halloween.

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quite simplistic

censor bar doesn’t fit
face can be changed
maybe match the skin colour of your arms with your head
pants could have some more red


very unique

polka dots should be more white on the shirt
hair and glasses should be removed (unless it’s a Halloween avatar)



pants don’t match with the shirt as well
top hat can be changed