[Re-Opened] Looking for Map Remakers

Hello, welcome back to some post.

So remember that FE2 2017 remake I’m working on (which is this game: https://www.roblox.com/games/5002608865/Update-Flood-Escape-2-2017-Edition-WIP?refPageId=774f268b-5f86-447c-9f44-b109c21ae053) yeah, if you played it, my maps are the only maps playable. But it’s there for temporary reasons.

Rn, for this game remake im working on with some other people, I want help on remaking the maps from FE2. From easy difficulty to insane difficulty. So the game remake is a remake of late 2017. (september - december) So, we will remake all the maps that was in FE2 during that.

Now if you want to help. You can.
1: InocularGaming (me)
2: heyitzcodyplays
3: MythicalMudkipRBLX
4: TheFloodBuilder (Fastnado)
5: DMinecraft999
6: coolzak35
7: Prtomos
8: Yellow_hege
9: Arch_58

Some people who are in: (this doesn’t fill the list above)
FedeDoesStuff (asked through discord)
Euip (animu_mikey)

Probably 7 people is enough for this. probably lower it if requested.

Now, before you ask, I am looking for accurate remakers. Ok thats it lol.

Once the list is full, I’ll invite everyone to the place where mostly I put my remakes.

Also join this discord server where all remakes take place or talk with other people idk. Not just remaking FE2 related stuff.

Discord Server invite: https://discord.gg/WjZsufY

can i help? you and me are friends on roblox already

Can you remake maps?

Because I am looking for accurate map remakers on this topic. (and good builders so it can be more accurate)

Also please show pictures of some projects.

i mean yea i can do that

I haven’t seen your building skills yet. can you send me a picture of something you worked on yourself or in collab (you can do both)

is that good proof for you

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I guess its ok.

ok I’ll let you in.

I hope you can rebuild maps good. (my best way to remake maps is play a specific map in FE2 or watch a video in slow motion and set the vid quality high)

okay so is there like one map we have to remake or is there like 7???

Remake all maps from Fe2 during late 2017. (no use of free models)

in order (easy - insane)

so like all 2017 maps to easy to insane

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I’ll attempt to join. I started to revamp Forgotten Tombs with some people, so I think I could do this.

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I’ll consider it.

So you want to join? (now I feel dumb asking)

Like I said, I’ll consider it. It’s not like I will join, but that doesn’t mean I won’t join either. Still thinking about because of certain things going on in my life.

Some people knew I can remake things really well so


You can join this if you want to. Rn, the first one we are doing is lost woods. And then other maps soon. From Easy to Insane.

Hello, did someone call me?

ok but who asked

Also hi lol.

May I join? I remade Abandoned Facility last room for an unreleased map. (this was when it was nearly done)

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I can help lol

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