Reckless Ridge

Status: In Development

Map Info

Creator: cornypants254 (cornypants254altbact)
Difficulty intended to reach: Crazy
ID: no.
Theme: Subalpine mountain range
Water phases: Regular, (the water needs to change before it can insta-kill you) Lava

Just a remake of The Swiss Alps. Not much else to say.

Backstory: Coming Soon™



Beginning Area

Cave Tranistion

Second Area

1st Button

2nd Button

a plank will appear, and the arrows will soon dissapear after.

You can jump on the rocks and climb on the ladder.

3rd Button

That’s all there currently is right now. Stay tuned for more updates!


looks epiK

I could use some feedback.

  • The bridge looks neat, I spent 30 seconds of my day looking at it.
  • Boxes are also great :+1:

  • I don’t know why, but I feel like you could detail the log more.

Detail: 87/100
Gameplay: 41/50
Overall: 128/150


Map review
Detail: 10/10
Parkour: 9/10
Concept: 10/10
Blockiness: 3/10
(1 - very smooth, 10 - very blocky)
i have nothing to say about this map. it looks great. the bridge is super creative. everything is detailed. the color choices are perfect.
10/10, my dude.


i dont like the trees so much, idk why xd. i dont like the colour of the slate too but its ok. The map is not poorly made so good job!!

tree look kind of weird

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no one figured out the code…

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:weary::ok_hand: :weary::ok_hand: :weary::ok_hand: :weary::ok_hand:

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hint: wingdings

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DUDE. This vid is 12 years old. HE PREDICTED THE FUTURE :fearful:

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what did i do?

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i mean, this dude predicted the future. he’s a legit time traveller.

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this conversation is irrelevant towards the map. Can you atleast give a review?

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okay. the map is cool. that’s all xdd

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I plan on continuing this in june but more feedback would help, too.

how do u make those trees?