Recreated Old Blue Moon

Some of you may know this but I recreated the old version of Blue Moon. Took me a while but I guess it was worth it.

Some things to keep in mind…

  • I’m doing this for fun
  • This isn’t accurate and you may some things that don’t look that same in the old BM
  • No I did not just steal screenshots like that other guy


will record when crazy map comp comes out

That looks really accurate! Nice work!

I wanna PLAY cause I’m noob

It’s on Beryl’s ID. Yes I managed to change the model so now you can play it.


February 2019 Nostalgia, here i come


one thing i realized is that i full on made it pretty real to the point where people will think i stole it. no i didn’t actually steal this for those of wondering (i dont have exploits on desktop nor do i have them installed). i’m full on done with this recreation, no more updates.


oMg ThIs lIke bLuE MoN u SteAl tHe iDeA


I see a few things off. That’s a good sign meaning that you didn’t use the Blue Moon model that Build put on sale (unless if you did then nvm)

he did but made it to look like one of the oldest versions

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Sorry, but what’s the id? I really wanna know the id for the oldest version…

It’s discontinued. I replaced the ID with something else and I don’t think I have a file containing anything above.