Regarding 'Joke maps'

Hey there guys! I’m writing this post to tell you about this whole ‘joke map’ issue that’s going on.

Before we start, let me ask you something. If you had to look at one map, and one map only, and the two maps were, let’s say, uh, ‘Trump Fields’ and ‘Facility Frenzy’, which one would you choose?

Based off of recent activity I can say that most people would probably choose Trump Fields. This is where the issue lies.

Imagine you’re a map maker working really hard on a facility map. You finally finish it and want some feedback so you post it on the forums, only to get one or two replies and to see a low-quality map with Donald Trump’s face everywhere has gotten more attention than your map ever will. You aren’t gonna feel great, are ya?

We’re trying to revive this communities map making talent, as there’s actually quite a lot. If all that gets flooded out by joke maps, well, can we really call it map making? Our friend who made ‘Facility Frenzy’ may never make a map again, as they didn’t a) get any feedback and b) got no traction on their map.

I propose that we try to make fewer joke maps and if possible none at all. The same applies to buffs and reskins, but I haven’t seen one of those in a while, which is a good sign. I’d also recommend not giving attention to these people. They’ll take all the attention they can get, and that includes the simple words; ‘Please don’t make a joke map’.

Now I’m not saying joke maps are bad, but what I am saying is too many will make it bad. We have plenty of joke maps now (i.e Obama Hills, Beanos, etc.) so we won’t be needing any more any time soon.

If you’re looking for attention, try putting effort into a map. It doesn’t need to win you the builder of the year award, as long as you’ve tried and want to improve, we can totally work with you to help you improve :smiley:

I think I’m done with my rant, have a great day everyone :wave:


very true

even deathrun is more organised and strict when it comes to map making


Might come back to map making because of this since I have only made a couple maps and they really didn’t gain that much traction but some to the point where I can be satisfied.


actually you have some point

i just wrote that reply to prevent replies like “ogm dress/some guy dont undersand it what a loser :roll_eyes::woozy_face::roll_eyes::woozy_face:


the reason of this is that the people of the community are attention-seeking

if a map has a lot of fame, the typical user will hate it just to try and make other as well

and then you have this

bruh i swear the developer forum would never accept joke stuff like that smh

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I haven’t made a joke map or a reskin, yay

I totally agree, but also take note that not every map is a facility. I know it’s an example but I’m just saying.


finally someone said it.

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well i had to choose some name :man_shrugging:

Shouldn’t have become a trend at all.

I know this is cool and all, but I have some things to say.

It’s not the map maker’s fault for making joke maps popular, it’s more on the community. It’s probably ok to make joke maps but ofc they shouldn’t be getting as much attention as normal maps, which is pretty much the community’s fault.

Also, the YouTube community won’t see this, so essentially you can’t exactly stop joke maps from being created.

I think joke maps shouldn’t be stopped entirely, because some people might want to get a good laugh. Of course FE2 shouldn’t be getting a lot of joke/trash maps like Beanos. Nonetheless, the community’s attitude is partially the problem here, and that has to change. (Especially THAT Baseplate map)


I totally agree with this, give me a second to update the post.

Updated the post a little to add some things I forgot to say.

som3 player say beanos is a good map…

its completely what i want to say! especially with community’s fault.

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This left me devastated in 2019 when making maps. They barely got attention and people were mostly looking at joke maps or crazy maps or buffs and reskins even sanctuary maps if you guys remember.

Only recently my maps started to get noticed on the forums such as ‘09 Fever, Coldspot and even Acetic Cascade.

I no longer will be voting for joke maps. Especially the fact of how there’s a vote limit for non-regular users (I think)


even without the joke maps, i feel like smaller map creators still wouldn’t get much attention on their map

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facts. even before this trend became a thing i was still a very small creator

and i still am…

at least you have a popular map badge lol

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still doesnt change my status

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