[Released!] - FE2 Custom Zipline Module

Hello again! I am back once again for another epic feature for your maps! A custom zipline module, this module provides custom zip line colours AND custom zip line speeds! Here is how you use it.

All you need to do is get the model from [this link].

Once you have that, you can start building your ziplines! Make sure that every custom rope is named _CustomRope to avoid interfering with FE2’s normal ziplines.

Now you might see two things that are unusual, the first is CustomZiplineColor, and the second is CustomZiplineSpeed. You can probably guess what these do. If you add CustomZiplineColor (Color3Value) into a Custom Rope model, the zipline rope becomes that specific colour, if you add CustomZiplineSpeed (NumberValue or IntValue), the player will travel across the zipline faster or slower. The zipline speed is measured in Studs per second. The normal value for speed is around 40, so keep that in mind.

Once you have done all that, you just need to put this code in event script.

local Module = require(5146354015)
Module:Activate() -- Done!

Please note that the ziplines will take anywhere from 1-3 seconds to load in due to how FE2 loads in scripts.

- Kris


Small Update!
If you add a string value called “CustomRopeMaterial”, the rope will change to that specified material, please note you do have to type it exactly how it is spelt, because it is case sensitive.

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Looks Nice




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Epic, I liked it.

Also I find a way to put a CustomLocalScript in FE2. (Because of Crazy’s update)

This will definitely be useful for 3 Minute Challenge lol. I’m trying to keep the colours nearly the same and a black zipline doesn’t really fit in with the light red colour scheme. Thanks

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No problem!

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this was so neccesary, thank.



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rlly cool
but I dont think im using it :\

@Blind srry ur the only mod ik xd and i dont wanna ping em all, but would u mind moving this tk fe2 cm category

Okay done

Thank you



I am waiting for this UPTADEEEEEEEEEEE!!!