Relic Valley

Description of Map
Hey 1xBlindx1 here with the first ever map I’ve created for FE2! The map involves a good amount of exploring with fun game play along the way! Feedback on the map and how I can improve it is greatly appreciated and hopefully it can get into the official FE2!

Status: Whitelisted/Complete

Name: Relic Valley

Difficulty: Hard

Buttons: 4 Normal | 4 Group | 8 Buttons Total

Time To Complete: 1:30-1:43

Map ID: 8n109g1

Pictures and Video of the Map!

Full Map (No Fog)

marred dreams+ poisonous chasm + unique theme…
this map :DD


i actually watched a bit of your stream of making this

pretty cool map i must say


hot :smirk:

pretty cool map :fortune_cookie:

I think this is gonna be fopdooodle’s weekly map comp ngl.
Also amazing map!

isn’t every ever so slightly good map on fopdoodles comp lol


Like, if the map is atleast a map, and fopdoodle beat it. He can record any recent map lol

Ever noticed that Easy is the only one in this post who typed in three Os in Fopdooodles name? And he’s new.

We all know it is a alt. And the 3 o’s myabe is a grammar problem, like, it always happen to me lol

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Imagine it’s not an error.

Probably it is a error because of the use of 3 o’s, if it wasn’t, he probably should write “fopdodle”

fop’s username is Fopdooodle

anyways im gonna try this map, looks pretty good!!


I remember using this map’s soundtrack when Misty Aviary was in testing

This has great gameplay as well. This map is just incredible.

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Amazing map! I love it, but at the very end of the map, maybe give the lava a decal, because it kinda looks the same as the acid, and when i thought i could be faster and swim to the end, i ended up jumping into what i thought was acid, but what turned out to be lava


Will work on that ty!

top notch
instant vote for you

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looks absolutely magestic. voted.

god i just cant explain how much i like that background terrain!! its really pog, as well as the map itself.

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