(Report) Exploiter Flood escape 2

This it’s not the correct category for this topic, the correct it’s “Bug Report”.

Being harsh 5000 :grin::grinning: Comunoiti big Tosic when i tosic miself :grin::joy::exploding_head::grimacing: Grrrrr cveyr bad comuntiy…

. ok that’s offensive

you know that was fully sarcasm to show on how people are rude then call the community is toxic
it doesnt work like that and even if nobody cares about the exploiter, why did you respond in the first place?

cause when i see a post i usually reply to it

ok i don’t want to start drama so let’s just close this arguement

I don’t know what you mean but I think you mean:

“Time, you’re blind? This post it’s already in Bug Report’s”

In the hour when the post created, it was in “General” (I think) category.

No, it meant something else that i don’t want to tell you

Oh, okay, I guess!

that wasnt even rude but ok

I used emojis

nobody even cares anymore ngl

cough cough drinks water Ok, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE!?

Thats bug reports bro

imagine reporting exploiters in bug reports

That’s why this post was created, lol.